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Monday, January 30, 2006
St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti

Double (1955 Calendar): August 17

Today the Holy Church remembers the life of St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti.

She was born in 1585 in Italy and died of natural causes there in 1640. St. Hyacintha was raised in a Franciscan covenant, although she used personal funds for comfortable longing. She lived affluently for several years until she was plagued with a serious illness. Her confessor brought her Communion and was dismayed over the luxuries of her room. He urged her to live more humbly.

And that was when she changed. St. Hyancintha became both modest in her food and dress and even replaced her bed with a few boards to lay upon. She worked for the rest of her life with the aged poor, those less fortunate, and the novices of her convent. St. Hyancintha soon became an inspiration for everyone.

She founded the Oblates of Mary. St. Hyancintha was canonized May 24, 1807, by Pope Pius VII.


O God, Who sendest us joy year by year on the feast of blessed Hyacintha, Thy Confessor, which we are now keeping: mercifully grant on this day of his heavenly birth that we may grow like him in deed. Through our Lord.

Prayer Source: 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal


del_button January 18, 2014 at 10:29 AM
Anonymous said...

I learned about Giacinta Mariscotti from a CFR named Br Seraphim, when I was about 24 years old. I have been praying for her intercession ever since. I love her because she was human and I too suffer from attachment to worldly pleasures. I feel her presence around me all the time .... all the time. Now, at the age of 50, I am about to enter a Primitive Benedictine community and renounce all worldly possessions for the cause of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The rest of my life will be devoted to prayer and meditation. I know in my heart that it is because God has heard her prayers and I will be forever grateful, After Postulancy, hopefully, I will take her name. Please pray for me. Paul

del_button January 19, 2014 at 9:44 AM
Matthew said...

Paul, I certainly will. Thank you for devoting your life to such an important work. May our Lord Jesus Christ reward you for the prayers that you will undertake for the good of souls and their salvation.

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