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Monday, July 17, 2006
Is the Catechism of the Catholic Church too Lengthy?

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del_button July 17, 2006 at 4:36 PM
AC said...

My thoughts on women priests are that God created men and women equal therefore they should be able to serve God in the same way.. I think that nuns do serve God but I do not see them as equal to priests.. They can not preside at mass, read the Gospel give a sermon or change the bread and wine in the Body of Christ or perform the Sacraments. That is the things that only a priest can do. Would you conside Mary Madelegene one of Jesus's apostles ? Then he did have women apostles.. Also there were women who were deacons in the early church such as Phoeboe and others. So why is that vocation closed to women ?

del_button July 17, 2006 at 5:32 PM
Moneybags said...

Men and women, although both loved equally by God, are called to serve different lives. Take the issue of sexuality, men and women by nature live different roles.

The same is true in the Church. Women are not called to the priesthood. They are called to live a different life. Just because they can't be priests, does not in any way prevent them from becoming holier than priests.

Take Mother Mary for an example. She was with Jesus, but Jesus never made her a priest. He never gave that power to her even though she is without sin and the greatest of all saints. She is sinless and still was not chosen to serve as a priest even though she is holier than any priest that ever lived. Mary Madelegene was one of Jesus's disciples (not apostles), but she was also not given that power.

When we read the Acts of the Apostles, we see that Eleven are the ones that we out as apostles. Serving as a deaconess, which women did do, is different than a priest.

The only thing the Church prevents women from doing is becoming a priest. What about men prevented from becoming a nun? Have you thought about that before? I, as a man, would love to be able to become a nun and join a contemplative order. I am serious when I say that I would have loved to become a nun. I would have become a Dominican - I think they are an amazing group of women. But, God created me as a man for a different purpose. I have to accept that.

I think John Paul the Great was correct when he said that the Church just doesn't have the authority to ordain women:

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

del_button July 17, 2006 at 11:41 PM
Danny Garland Jr. said...

I think the real beef you have is with God and Jesus. They are the Ones who established the Church and stated the rules. Even if a woman were to say the words of consecration over the bread and wine it would not become the body and blood of Christ. Just as If I myself being a man said it over the bread and wine.

But you might say, "well then consecrate the woman." This would not solve the problem, because metaphysically a woman cannot be consecrated as a priest. It is something God has set apart for males. This doesn't mean that every male can be a priest either. No one has a "right" to the priesthood. Only those called by God can become priests. The Bible clearly teaches us this. Go back and look at the formation of the priesthood throughout salvation history. It is quite clear. The priest acts "in persona Christi." Christ was a man. I think we can all agree on that. It is not only metaphysically impossible, but physically impossible for a woman to act in persona Christi. The priest hood has been a male institution from the beginning, because it leads up to the Eternal High Priesthood of Christ! And it is because of Christ and the priest acting in persona Christi that the priesthood has authority and continues today. That is why the Church absolutely does not have the authority to make women priests! Even if they wanted to, they couldn't!

Here is a letter I wrote to my local newspaper in response to someone who posed the same comment as you do:

I have just read a letter to the editor which you published by Robert Biller and would like to respond. He seems to think that just because the Catholic Church will not allow women priests, it is misogynistic and degrading towards women. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are many woman saints and the most blessed of all God's creation is His mother Mary. How could anyone say that the Church looks down on women, when the most revered saint in the Church is a woman? Mary points us toward Christ. She is the prime example of true fidelity to God.

He is also wrong about the soul being genderless. We are distinctly male and female beings. Our soul is the source of our life. God didn't create us as androgynous persons.

As for the priesthood, it was established by God. It is not a right that all people have. It is a privilege.

A priest acts In Persona Christi (In the person of Christ). Christ was not a female, so a female cannot act in Christ's person! Also, the greek word for priest is presbyteroi, which means bearded one. When women start growing beards, they can become priests.

God's original intention was for the father of the family to be a Priest, Prophet, and King. The firstborn son inherited the title. If anyone has a right to the priesthood, it is the firstborn sons of antiquity. However, because of the sinfulness of the firstborns, they lost their right to the priesthood.

After that, the Levites ordained themselves as priests by slaughtering the 3,000 who worshipped the golden calf. But God never intended for just the Levites to be priests. This was a temporary designation until the True High Priest (Christ) came.

When Christ came he established a new priesthood with the 12 Apostles(who were all men) which was more like God's original priesthood.

Not anyone can be a priest. To be a priest is to be set apart as a leader to God's people. A priest is called to a higher standard of holiness. Yes, they are sinners like the rest of us, but nonetheless they are called to a holier life. To say someone has a right to be a priest is an insult to the priests who are truly called and who sacrifice their lives to be leaders who bring people to Christ.

Contrary to Mr. Biller's beliefs,the devastating problems in the American Catholic Church WILL ameliorated by adult religious re-education and also a greater discernment of who is allowed into the priesthood.

It's not a coincidence that orthodox diocese's have no shortage of vocations to the priesthood.

I hope this helps to clarify.

God Bless,

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