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Thursday, August 31, 2006
August 2006 Archives

  1. Child Custody Protection Act passes Senate, stopped
  2. August Rosary Intentions
  3. Blessed Martyrs of Nowogrodek
  4. St. Alphonsus Liguori
  5. Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  6. God or the Girl Update
  8. Portuncula Indulgence is today!
  9. Video: Eucharistic Miracle of Betania, Venezula
  10. Prayer to follow the Good Shepherd
  11. Can Non-Catholics be saved?
  12. Prayer for Faith in the Risen Lord
  13. Housekeeping Issues
  14. Ms. Magazine supports abortion: contact them
  15. Contact President Bush on Plan B
  16. First Friday for August
  17. St. John Vianney
  18. Pray for Michael
  19. IN BRIEF (629 - 667)
  20. Comedy Central re-airs "Bloody Mary"
  21. Dedication of St. Mary Major in Rome
  22. Feast of the Transfiguration
  23. Assumption Novena: Day One
  24. Pray for Cardinal George of Chicago
  25. Assumption Novena: Day Two
  26. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Confession
  27. Pope St. Sixtus and Companions
  28. St. John Vianney: On Death
  29. Assumption Novena: Day Three
  30. Pope St. Linus
  31. Salvation outside the Church?
  32. Pope St. Anacletus
  33. Celtic Spirituality
  34. Memorial of St. Dominic
  35. St. John Vianney: On Envy
  36. Pope St. Clement I
  37. Blessed Mother Teresa: Find Jesus for peace
  38. Liturgy of the Hours Frappr
  39. Assumption Novena: Day Four
  40. Unborn children murdered for cosmetics
  41. St. Anthony Cathedral in Beaumont
  42. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Frequent Communion
  43. Assumption Novena: Day Five
  44. Pope St. Evaristus
  45. I re-read "Rise, let us be on our Way"
  46. Pope John Paul II on the Good Shepherd
  47. Feast of St. Lawrence
  48. Pope Benedict XVI visits Marian Church
  49. St. John Vianney: On Gluttony
  50. Pope St. Alexander I
  51. Assumption Novena: Day Six
  52. Pray for the repose of Fr. Brand's soul
  53. Diocese of Amarillo teaches NFP
  54. Galileo and the Catholic Church
  55. Annoucment on my blog
  56. Pope St. Sixtus I
  57. St. John Vianney: On Anger
  58. Pope St. Telesphorus
  59. Assumption Novena: Day Seven
  60. Advice from St. Padre Pio
  61. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Hope
  62. Assumption Novena: Day Eight
  63. On Communion Rails and Altars
  64. The Church and Slavery through the Ages
  65. More Editing...
  66. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Impurity
  67. Assumption Novena: Final Day
  68. Memorial of St. Kolbe
  69. Assumption of Mary - Holy Day of Obligation
  70. Watch a Tridentine Mass tonight!
  71. Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary
  72. St. John Vianney: On Lust
  73. Want to share any photos?
  74. St. John Vianney: On Paradise
  75. Pope Benedict XVI interviewed
  76. Stop Holy Communion in the hand
  77. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Prayer
  78. More editing accomplished
  79. Photos from Rome
  80. Adult Stem cells treat 72 disorders!
  81. Our Lady of Czestochowa
  82. One-year anniversary of Brother Roger's death
  83. Prayers for Ash
  84. In light of recent comments...
  85. Pope Benedict XVI's Assumption Homily
  86. St. John Vianney: On Prayer
  87. Novena for peace in the Middle East
  88. Cathedral of Christ the King in Ontario, Canada
  89. Our Lady of Victory
  90. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Pride
  91. St. John Eudes
  92. Blessed Mother Teresa said...
  93. Additional editing finished
  94. St. John Vianney: On Pride
  95. On Women and Veils
  96. St. John Vianney: Sermon on Purgatory
  97. Five People Meme
  98. St. John Vianney: On Grace
  99. Pope St. Pius X
  100. Cause for beatification of Pope John Paul I advancing
  101. President Bush has approved Plan B
  102. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Salvation
  103. Queenship of Mary
  104. Video of St. Padre Pio celebrating Mass!
  105. Why am I Catholic?
  106. St. John Vianney: On Salvation
  107. Pope Benedict XVI Quotation
  108. September 2005 posts are edited
  109. Supreme Court asked to review NY nativity scenes ban
  110. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Sin
  111. FDA approves Morning after pill!
  112. Feast of St. Bartholomew
  113. Friday, the day Our Lord Died
  114. St. John Vianney: On Sin
  115. St. John Vianney: On Sloth
  116. Saintly Advice for today
  117. Pope Pius XII condemned Nazism
  118. St. John Vianney: Catechism on Suffering
  119. Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut continues Gregorian Chant
  120. Vatican's response to new stem cell creation
  121. Pray for Kenneth Burbine's soul
  122. Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist
  123. St. John Vianney: On Temptations
  124. St. John Vianney: Catechism on the Word of God
  125. Classes, classes, and more classes
  126. Prayer to St. Monica
  127. USCCB document on priestly formation released
  128. St. John Vianney: Catechism on the Blessed Virgin
  129. St. John Vianney: Catechism on the Cardinal Virtues
  130. Vatican abolishes Christmas Concert


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