Thursday, July 24, 2014
Old & Collectible Catholic Books for Sale


I'm currently looking to get rid of the following books.  And I would like to offer them here at a relatively cheap price considering that many of them are old and collectible.  Prices include shipping.  Please email me at acatholiclife[at]gmail[dot]com for more information or to order.

"The Early Liturgy," by Josef Jungmann, SJ, 1959-62, 305 pp., Notre Dame Press, very good condition, $25 (shipping price always included), hardback

"Catholic Faith Explained," Book Three, Kirsch and Brendan, 1940, Kenedy publ., good condition (Teacher Manual), hb, $25

"Father Smith Instructs Jackson," Noll and Fallon, 228 pp., 1954 ed., paperback, good condition, $20

"The Defense of the Catholic Church," Francis X. Doyle, SJ, 502 pp., 1927, Benziger publ., fair condition with cover stains, hb, $25

"The New Interpretation of the Mass," Henry Borgmann, CSsR, 212 pp., Murphy publ., 1933, good condition, hb, $25

"Interpreting the Sunday Mass," Wm.  Bonniwell, OP, 132 pp., 1949, Kenedy publ., good condition with cover stain, hb, $20

"Catholic Evidence Training Outlines," Maisie Ward, 279 pp., 1929 ed., Sheed & Ward, good condition, hb, $25

"Rite and Man: Natural Sacredness and Christian Liturgy," Louis Bouyer, 218 pp., 1963, Notre Dame Press, very good condition, hb, $25


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