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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Gospel: Oct. 12, 2005

October 12, 2005
Wednesday in the Twenty-Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

I'd like to introduce this passage from scripture with a saintly verse: "No one will have any other desire in heaven than what God wills; and the desire of one will be the desire of all; and the desire of all and of each one will also be the desire of God" (St Anselm).

Today's Gospel:

"But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and every herb, and neglect justice and the love of God; these you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. Woe to you Pharisees! For you love the best seat in the synagogues and salutations in the market places. Woe to you! For you are like graves which are not seen, and men walk over them without knowing it." One of the lawyers answered him, "Teacher, in saying this you reproach us also."And he said, "Woe to you lawyers also! For you load men with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers" (Luke 11:42-46)

This is my first installment of my plan to look at the weekly Gospel readings and learn from them on how to live the Catholic Life. First, it is quite valuable to reiterate that faith is not a passive noun but one implying action. One can not have faith in Christ without words. These works include the Sacraments and living a life based on God and without those one does not have faith.

Now, there are still many ways to reach Heaven. We have so many great saints in the Church and each made it to Heaven doing something different. The only two points of consistency were such: 1) Love for God beyond all other love 2) Faith in Him through His teachings of the Church. Anyone of us can be saints but we must take action. Live our faith! Let others know you are Catholic and voice out against the abortion and anti-Catholicism at every opportunity. John Paul ll said, "How can they believe if they have not heard?" Furthermore, Bishop Sheen stated, "There are not one hundred people in this world who dislike Catholicism, but there are millions who dislike what they mistakenly believe Catholicism to be." So, be a voice for Christ and serve Him. Above all, though, know there are many ways to serve Him although keep in mind prayer, love, the Mass, and others are NOT just options but requirements for those that have heard the Good News of Christ.

Gospel Analysis: In this examination of the Gospel we see the hypocrisy of the Pharisees attacked again. I remember a common Ash Wed. Gospel reading with Jesus' words on fasting and prayer and the mention in those of the Pharisees who would pray on the street corners to have trumpets blown for them. And what did Christ say, "They have received their reward" (Matthew 6:16-18).

When we go into the world let us remember the key virtue: humility. Let us humble ourselves and rather for others to get the best seats with us having to sit on the ground. Let others come before you and treat others with respect as the children of the same God, who formed everyone of us. In Pope Benedict XVI words, "We are each a result of a thought of God." And in Heaven we won't worry about who has this and where is that. In Heaven, in the words of St. Anselm, we will all be of one mind - that Christ is Supreme and worthy of all praise. That is the glory of reaching Heaven not that we are "free" from chains but freed from the chains of sin and in the presence of Our God able to worship Him forever and ever. Let's try and remember this today: let others take the spotlight and let's be happy if we are in God's spotlight the only spotlight that will never wear out. And let's not insult others that do show off in any way but politely remind them of the Gospel and humility the most important of virtues.

What happened to the Tower of Babble? It fell in God's eyes because the people no longer cared. They embraced themselves and the work of their hands over God's works since, in the words of St. Paul, who endured much persecution, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13)

"Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility." -- St. Augustine

"It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels." -- St. Augustine


del_button October 13, 2005 at 10:04 PM
Hector said...

i love your thinking so much. I believe Humility is one of the top things in living holiness. Pride is the door to evil. Jesus talked so much about those who thought theyr were so great and talked down to others, yet, they themselves had many sins. we must pray for us to become more and more humble so that we can allow God to work through us...

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