Sunday, March 19, 2006
Blogburst for Terri Schiavo

It's so amazing to think that it has already been one year since Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed and she was left to die. March 31, 2006, will be the one-year anniversary of her death. From March 18-31, 2005, Terri Schiavo starved to death because the no one was allowed to give her a drink.

In light of this and a continued effort by the culture of death to support euthanasia and abortion, I will join in a blog burst for Terri. For the next few days I will post on Terri's life, updates with her family, and hopefully, convey that life is far more valuable then we can rate it. Even the most disfigured and crippled life is far more valuable than you can imagine because he/she, too, was redeemed by Our Lord's blood.

"There was no reason to pull her tube and put her through pain and discomfort," Ford, a nurse and spokeswoman for the Schindler Foundation at the time, concluded. "They could have capped her feeding tube off and prevented the pain she experienced from having a feeding tune pulled from her abdomen."

I think it is appaling that our society would condone the painful death of Terri. Again our society was ripped open along political lines. Our inability to work together lead to her death. How can a modern society allow a woman's to starve to death for 13 days. How could over half our society do nothing to help Terri. How could Circuit Court Judge George Greer allow this. How could the Supreme Court refuse to stand up for the most basic principle of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." During that time of starvation, police arrested little children trying to bring her glasses or water. Our society condemned the rights of Terri's parents and instead let Michael Schiavo legally murder his wife.

O, of course, he did it because he wanted what was best for Terri. That's why the media reported he originally denied her Communion. That's why he left her side and let her live her life alone in a room with closed shades and the radio off. Michael Schiavo didn't love Terri, and he didn't love God by doing what he did.

Michael Schiavo could care less what is right! Look at Terri's father and the pain in his eyes. He didn't care about Terri, her parents, or Christ. He cared about himself and that is why, my friends, we are obligated to pray for people like that. We must learn to work together. Our country and the entire world must learn to value the infinite gift of life. On January 23, 2006, Michael Schiavo married a long-time girlfriend that he met in 1995. In 1998 he began to support hastening Terri's death. I see quite clearly what he cared about, and I hope that our society can see it too.


O Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, you have redeemed us and made each of us your own children. Have mercy on us and save us from eternal damnation. Save our society which hates to follow your commandments and love one another as You has loved us. Cleanse us and make us a holy nation dedicated to loving You and serving the Gospel. For the Gospel is our life and it was the strength of Terri Schiavo. Let all that are condemned by a society rooted in "choice" to enter your glorious palace, my master and my king. For you know the pain of hunger and thirst. You know the pain of being unwanted. Have mercy on Terri's soul and her husband, who left her to die. Lord, save us and let us be one in union with you! Glorious, Jesus Christ Crucified, who suffered to save us, please have mercy on us all.


del_button March 19, 2006 at 9:25 PM
Sharon said...

Thank you for reminding us of Terri's life. We shall always remember her and the injustice.
It's comforting to know God is JUST, and her husband will answer for this one day.

I join you in prayer for Terri and those that loved her.

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