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Friday, September 2, 2016
Round 11: Collectible Catholic Books for Sale

In an update to my posts on the topic, I also have these titles for sale.  Prices include shipping.  Please email me at acatholiclife[at]gmail[dot]com for more information or to order.

The price is $20 each and includes shipping.

"The Dawn of the Middle Ages" by Jean-Remy Palanque, 130 pp, 1960, good condition

Eugenics and Other Evils by G.K. Chesterton, 110 pp, 2014 (excellent condition)

"A Catholic Catechism" by Archbishop Sheet (50 Conferences on 25 CDs, in 1 album)

American Catholic by Charles Morris, 428 pp, 1997, very good condition

The Life of St. Margaret Mary Alocoque by Rev. Emile Bougaud, 385 pp, 1890-19090 ed, good condition

Life of Christ by Rev. John O'Brien, 600 pp, 1957, good condition

Revolution and Papacy by E.e. Hales, 304 pp, 1960, good condition

Raised from the Dead (on Resurrection Miracles) by Albert Hebert SM, 330 pp, 1986 ed, good condition

Fr. O'Hara of Notre Dame by Thom. McAvoy CSC, 486 pp, 1967, good condition

On Being and Essence by St. Thomas Aquinas, 78 pp, 1968, good condition

Verdict on the Shroud by Stevenson and Habermas, 190pp, 1981, good condition

Prayer of Christians, 1975, 1,651 pp, good condition (Single Volume Breviary)

The Kings and Queens of Englad by Ian Crofton, 244 pp, 2001, glossy volume in excellent condition

It is His Own Blood by Vincent McCorry SJ, 158 pp, 1962, very good condition on the analysis of the Mass

Where I Found Christ by Rev. John O'Brien, 271 pp, 1950, good condition

The Public Life of our Lord, Vol I and II by Archbishop Iban Goodier, 800+ pp, 1944, good condition [$40 for the set]

Soldier of the Spirit by Michel Carrouges, 297 pp, 1956 (bio of St. Charles de Foucauld)

The Priest's Way to God by Eugene Boylan OCS, 223 pp, 1962, Newman Press, good condition

The Resurrection of Rome by G.K. Chesterton, 293 pp, 1930, good condition

Living the Mass by F. Despalnques SJ, 178 pp, 1959, Newman Press, A Prayerful Analysis of the Phrases of the Mass, good condition

Christ Now by Fr. Henry Fehren, 148 pp, 1966, Kenedy publ, good condition


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