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Thursday, December 8, 2016
Dominicans of the Holy Rosary (SSPX) Announce New Priory!

I am pleased to announce that the Traditional Dominicans of Steffeshausen, of which I am a Third Order member, have announced that they will henceforth be known as the Dominicans of the Holy Rosary.  The Order had recently put in an offer to buy an ideal and larger property in France and that offer was accepted.  Their future priory - to be named St. Dominic's Priory - is located in an ideal location in France and will allow the Dominicans to better evangelize.

The Traditional Dominicans are active around the world in Australia, Canada, and the United States.  I am pleased to personally know Fr. Albert, the Superior, who received me into the Dominican Order as a Tertiary (i.e. Third Order Member) this past May.

Please read the following newsletter from the group.  And if you can this Advent, please send a donation to this group to help them in paying for this new property.  The group is traditional and unwavering in its fidelity to the Catholic Faith.  The document near the end lists the many ways in order to easily send in a donation - including Paypal.  Please note, there was an error in the letter about the P.O. Box number in Post Falls. It is not 349 but 3489.


del_button January 24, 2019 at 5:17 PM
Unknown said...


I want to share this letter I addressed to Father Albert through email. If you have any objections please let me know.

I saw some videos with Father Nicholas Gruner, until I saw a comment in regards to his passing.

Then I learned of you, Father Albert at the Fatima Center on YouTube just recently when I searched on YouTube for anything on the anti-pope, I got two credible ones, yours published on May 2017 and Bishop Fulton Sheen' s.

So from watching your video it clarifies this reality that Pope Francis cannot be the anti-pope if he isn't first a pope, right. Accepted by the good and the bad alike, but especially by the anti-church within the Church.

The more faithful laity we tremble sensing this. We yearn and pray when God wishes to rid him from the seat of the papacy, that we know now this had to pass in order to give light to the ape of the church, the false church within the church, that we see now in its crimes and abuses especially of sexual nature upon its victims and the recruiting of homosexual leaning seminarians, in sum all the rot from within.

We know better than to heed Pope Francis advice. Yet, in fact we know that our Lord is still our Lord, when even through Francis he decreed the new feast of the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church to the universal calendar.

In my opinion an absolute contradiction coming from the Pope, who decreed it in word, but not in true faith nor hope. As someone put it clearly. For they no longer believe what they once believed.

Although Pope Francis may have been recruited by Satan (St Gallen's Mafia), the spirit of God's power overrules the spirit of evil. Whom operates through the will of man even in
his own contradiction, without their conformity to the will of God.

Since Pope Francis dared enter the Papacy as the Vicar of Christ, God shows his power to reveal the HEAD ape of the church, that wishes to change the course of the church to welcome & accomodate wordliness, heresy, paganism and even apostasy.

My question Father Albert, as Father Gruber rejected the Luminous Mysteries of the church do you also?

Pope John Paul II own words, he had a turning point in his life, he stresses the word TURNING point, after reading a book he commended highly. I truly believe this book, his turning point, inspired in Him by God's spirit, the mysteries of Light. That would one day assist in revealing the crimes, errors and sins of NOT only the false church, but the church itself. That is being exposed and ongoing.

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