Thursday, October 13, 2016

Martin Luther Admitted to Conversations with the Devil

Martin Luther was a pertinacious heretic and is responsible for a great deal of damage and destruction to the Church, the glory of God, and countless souls. A recent article in the Latin Mass magazine which details how Martin Luther actually admitted to having many discussions with the devil himself!!! In fact, many of the arguments he got against the Holy Mass came from the devil himself, and this is found in his own writings. There is clearly a great deal of ignorance on this subject.

Read and pass on this important article:

H/T St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation

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  1. This was a remarkable article that brings out the real Martin Luther, who is so different from the Luther of Reformation myth and fables. The one, true God is the ultimate source of all genuine truth, and thus those who honestly seek after the whole truth of the matter of the Protestant rebellion are indeed seeking God. On the other hand, the intellectually dishonest, who stop when they find the myth they wish to believe, are following a false god constructed by Luther, whose Sola Fide promise will not get them to Heaven. The Sola Fide myth is the new apple, offering believers a free eternity--an offer too good to be true, just as Lucifer promised Adam and Eve. No wonder Satan approved of it.