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Sunday, May 6, 2018
Can you make Confirmation before Communion?

In the Catholic Church the common practice is for children to make their First Holy Communion around 2nd grade - this is around the "age of reason," where a child is able to understand that what they are receiving is not bread but the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ.  They are also aware of sin and thus able to commit actual sins - as a result, they need the Sacrament of Confession to receive absolution from their actual sins.

Confirmation is typically administered around 8th grade or in some places 10th grade.  But, there is a growing trend to more Conformation closer to Communion.  In fact, in the Byzantine Catholic Tradition Baptism and Confirmation are received together and it is later on the child is able to receive First Holy Communion.

The following dioceses have begun to administer Confirmation in the 2nd grade level around the time of First Communion and the list continues to grow:

1.    Saginaw (1995)
2.    Great Falls-Billings (1996)
3.    Portland, Maine (1997)
4.    Spokane (1998)
5.    Fargo (2002)
6.    Gaylord (2003)
7.    Tyler (2005)
8.    Phoenix (2005)
9.    Honolulu (2015)
10.   Denver (2015)
11.   Manchester (2017)

The difficulty though for these students in our modern world is to live out the Catholic Faith.  While many students falsely treat an 8th grade Confirmation as a graduation from religion and the need to end classes [which it is not!], these students in 2nd grade need a strong religious conviction in their family to be sure they are continuing to learn the Faith and make progress in the spiritual life.

So, is it possible to receive Confirmation before Communion?  Yes it is, but it depends on what Diocese you are in.  Seek out information from your local priest. 

And for those looking for an online religious education program to help you learn the Faith and prepare for your Sacraments (whether Confirmation, Confession, or Communion) please look to, the leader in the field.

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