Sunday, August 21, 2005
Pro-life Posts

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish" (Mother Teresa).

Catholic and Pro-life Issues
  1. Prayer for the Helpless Unborn
  2. In vitro Fertilization
  3. Catholics and the End of Life issues
  4. Human Cloning
  5. Contraception
  6. The Catechism of the Catholic Church on abortion
  7. What is the Cost of abortion?
  8. Petition against Planned Parenthood
  9. Amnesty International and Abortion
This is a list of all of my pro-life news & legislation updates to date. (More recent at the top)
  1. Partial Birth Abortion Ruled Unconstitutional
  2. American Cancer Society funds Planned Parenthood
  3. Colorado Gov. Signs Bill Mandating Catholic Hospitals Provide Abortion Drug
  4. Portugal Legalizes Abortion
  5. Fr. Frank Pavone's Homily from January 18, 2007
  6. Choose Life Plates for Illinois
  7. 34th Anniversary of Legalized Abortion
  8. 2006 US Election Results
  9. Vote Pro-life on November 7, 2006
  10. FDA Guidelines on Vaccines/Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Open for Public Comment
  11. Nicaragua votes to ban all abortions; UN tried to stop vote
  12. Missourians: Vote NO on Amendment 2
  13. The Pill causes cancer
  14. Help the South Dakota Abortion Ban
  15. Plan B will not stop abortions
  16. FDA approves Morning after pill!
  17. President Bush supports Plan B!
  18. Unborn children murdered for cosmetics!
  19. Ask President Bush to stop Plan B
  20. Contact Ms. Magazine
  21. Child Custody Protection Act passes Senate, stopped
  22. Bush vetos embryonic stem cell research bill YES!
  23. Crucial Stem cell research update!
  24. European Union- embryonic stem cell research
  25. Today's Crazy News
  26. Abortion mill becomes Catholic chapel
  27. Omaha abortion center closes
  28. A living miracle
  29. British abortion rates rise
  30. Independence Day: Pro-life Wisdom
  31. Curves: Pro-life
  32. Alabama Pro-life law goes into effect
  33. Microsoft is a huge abortion supporter
  34. End of trouble at NKU
  35. South Dakota abortion law to be voted on in November
  36. Governor Blanco signs Louisiana abortion ban into law
  37. A Child of an Abortion Practitioner Insists on Life for the Unborn
  38. Annual report on Planned Parenthood
  39. Ohio abortion ban
  40. Philippines abolishes the death penalty
  41. Start the 77 Day Novena to close Tiller's abortion mill
  42. Updates on Abortion in South Dakota
  43. Amnesty International and Abortion
  44. Wisconsin newspaper funds Planned Parenthood
  45. Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow support abortion
  46. Proposition 73 is back!
  47. Clinton asked to use abortion to kill the poor
  48. Victory for Life in Britain
  49. Andrea Clark has died
  50. Colorado Governor vetos bill that would allow morning after pill without a prescription
  51. Hawaii protects abortion after Roe v. Wade
  52. Arizona vetos pain-awareness act bill
  53. Breast cancer risks drastically increase after an abortion
  54. Updates with South Dakota
  55. gives in to abortion activists
  56. Some Catholic colleges support abortion
  57. Day of Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists
  58. National polls released on the South Dakota abortion ban
  59. Gov. Rounds signs ban on abortions in South Dakota (Mar 2006)
  60. Walmart begins to sell the morning-after-pill
  61. Abortion bans in Mississippi and Missouri
  62. 55 Catholic Democrats in the House support abortion
  63. Gov. Rounds of South Dakota needs prayers
  64. Supreme court sides with pro-lifers in regard to RICO laws
  65. South Dakota passes abortion ban
  66. Governor Blagojevich funds embryonic stem cell research
  67. RU-486 in Australia
  68. US Family Planning Funds Slashed (Feb. 16th)
  69. IL Paper allows pro-life advertisements
  70. "Abortions have decreased" - President Bush
  71. Florida parential notification law upheld by judge
  72. NARAL's abortion grades
  73. US Supreme Court ruling on N. Hamsphire law
  74. US Supreme Court ruling in Oregon suicide law
  75. Diocese to require contraception classes
  76. Pope Benedict XVI - "God loves every embryo"
  77. Illinois Abortions at a 30 year low
  78. Boycott American Girl
  79. Best Christmas Gift for a mother
  80. Umbilical Cord Blood Bill becomes Law (Dec. 21, 2005)
  81. An abortion survivor's story - Read the amazing story
  82. Prop. 73 will be back!
  83. Phillipines support the Church on birth control
  84. Prop. 73 fails in California (Nov. 13, 2005)
  85. Missouri abortion clinic closed; new law (Oct. 26, 2005)
  86. Don't support "Save lids to Save lives"
  87. Adult Stem cells cure paraplegic
  88. The Truth on Life Checks
  89. UNFPA denied funding from US; Canada increases funding
  90. Missouri pro-life bill signed into law on Sept. 16, 2005
  91. Susan Torres's child dies on Sept. 11, 2005
  92. Pro-life bumper sticker saves a life
  93. Priests for life announce lay association
  94. CBS pro-life statistics as of Aug. 11, 2005
  95. Minnesota signs abortion-fetal pain law on Aug. 2, 2005
  96. New York Contraception Bill is vetoed in Aug. 2005
  97. Susan Torres gives birth
  98. Embyronic Stem Cell Research
  99. Benefits of adult stem cell research
  100. Pro-life survey
  101. Abortion laws in other countries
  102. Tell Senators not to support Embryonic stem cell Research
  103. If Roe v. Wade is overturned

4 comment(s):

del_button July 2, 2006 at 7:00 AM
Anonymous said...

Here are 7 hrs of 60 second AD's for Pro-life Jewels by Dr. John Willke..

Life Jewels

del_button December 3, 2008 at 5:16 AM
Anonymous said...

I am concerned because i had an abortion and went to confession truly repentent then read that St Padre Pellegrino denied a woman absolution for her abortion. I thought abortion was an opportunit to be forgiven. HELP!

del_button January 21, 2009 at 9:29 PM
Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous---

God forgives all those who are truly repentant--Padre Pio was a mystic...we don't know the whole story there, but we do know about St. Paul and Moses and others who committed grave sins against life. Peace be with you ...Trust in HIS Mercy and sin no more. Your Baby is in Heaven ( by the Baptism of Blood) for God in His eternal Mercy changes evil into good,. He is the ONE & Only "reader of hearts" you may name your baby. Please Pray for those who are considering an abortion. ...Especially on Saturday when it is so prevalent.

Go in Peace

Jesus Mary We love You Save Souls.

God's Love and Forgiveness span the galaxies for the contrite and there are 500 billion galaxies known to date.

Peace...Love-Bonnie Blue

del_button August 22, 2010 at 6:01 PM
Anonymous said...

Abortion is definitely an ending of. Whoever tries to explain to him or herself that it is not is trying to express something so complex that if we consider it un-discussable we make a big mistake. That is why being able to post opinion, while it is done with respect, is so important. Those of us women who have gone through an instance of abortion in most cases were not guided by our will to end a life. On the contrary, we were in many cases so young and so fearful of killing in other ways: our parents´ trust, bringing a child into the world that would have had an awful life due to many reasons in our environment, possibly even lack of love and care. Not one woman who loves humanity and respects God has gone through that process unscathed, on the contrary, I know of not one that does not have the spiritual image of that child close to her, in her heart, where that child exists and is protected. Abortion should not be. But life is the greatest of challenges. Jesus Christ would not hurl the first stone.

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