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Tridentine Latin Mass Resource List

Called the Mass of the Ages, the Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven, the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Usus Antiquor, and most recently, the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, this Mass truly is one of the most beautiful forms of worship for the Catholic Church.

This post is a means to provide links to some of my many posts on this topic.  Since the Traditional Mass is at the very heart of living a traditional Catholic life, nearly all of my posts will touch on this topic.  I encourage you to browse by the tag of Traditional Latin Mass in addition to visiting these posts linked below.

What is the Tridentine (Traditional) Latin Mass?

For an English explanation of the Latin Mass click here.  For the English/Latin texts of the Mass including the actual prayers and much more, please purchase a 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal

Recommended Reading

The Latin Mass Explained by Msgr. Moorman
Sacred Then and Sacred Now: The Return of the Latin Mass by Thomas E. Woods Jr
Sursum Corda: Documents and Readings from the Council of Trent to Summorum Pontificum
Is the Latin Mass Right for all Parishes?

Basic Information on the Tridentine Mass:

What Should I Do For My First Time At A Latin Mass?
Traditional Sunday Latin Mass Readings and Prayers

Latin Mass Locations:

Traditio Mass Directory (PDF including SSPX and independent chapels)
SSPX USA Mass Locations (MAP)
Latin Mass Directory (Always Updated but doesn't list independent or SSPX locations)

Traditional Altar Server Resources:

5 comment(s):

del_button January 19, 2010 at 6:37 AM
Anonymous said...

Deo Gratias for Pope Benedict XVI and Summorum Pontificum in freeing the Mass of the Ages. I can't wait till the Holy Father offers the Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite.

del_button December 13, 2010 at 3:35 PM
Joseph Lupo said...

Vatican II, in my opinion, changed the Catholic Church for the worse.

We opened the windows to let the fresh air in and everything blew out. Priests, nuns and brothers in great numbers. The ones that stayed, some of their habits blew out the window too. Beautiful Vestments, music, prayers and traditions followed too.

Once the priest faced the people, he became an entertaineer, working the crowd. Jokes, clapping, disrespectful ways of dressing, and the entire sacredness of the Mass and Church was gone too.

Priests do not wear cassocks, some do not even fold their hands in procession to make the Mass more solemn. Altar girls??????? PLEASE. Give me a break. Women without their heads covered and so many lay people on the Alter. It is all so sloppy. It seems that many priests are not even interested in TRYING to make the current Mass prayerful and solemn.

With the old Tridentine Mass, especially the High Sung Solemn Mass, you could almost feel the presence of God in your midst. This Mass just seems like a bunch of people together without any direction or purpose. Children not behaving, people talking, coming late and leaving early. Nothing is ever mentioned from the Pulpit. Confession lines are almost non existent but the Communion lines are endless. Sin is not talked about as well as the presence of the devil in the world

I could go on and on but I would be typing for the next several days. If the priests at least made the Mass we have now more solemn and gave a peertinent sermon, it would be bearable. Something like the EWTN Mass on TV every day. However, bring back the Church before Vatican II with everything that went out of the window.

P.S. How many Confirmation eligible children know what the 7 gifts of the Holy Ghost are.

Come Holy Ghost and renew the Church and the face of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

del_button August 6, 2012 at 5:05 PM
Matthew said...

The Lectionarium is the Lectionary for the Mass. It is the book used when the Epistle is chanted during Mass (i.e. at a Solemn High Mass). The Lectionarium is also used in the Novus Ordo but of course the readings are quite different in many respects.

del_button December 23, 2014 at 5:46 PM
Anonymous said...

re: joseph lupo -- girls or women are firstly human beings and just as much image of God as men, so these human beings should be treated, valued and respected as such especially in church even as altar persons doing their holy duty.

del_button December 24, 2014 at 1:16 PM
Matthew said...

Anonymous, you make a common error. Just because all peoples are in God's image and share in the gifts of grace and salvation from Christ, that doesn't mean each are called to the same roles in life. Just as Christ, The 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity, has a different role than the Almighty Father and the Holy Ghost, just as the father has a different role than a mother, men and women have different roles in the Church of God. Women are not called to serve at the altar.

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