Friday, September 28, 2018
5 Men Receive the Habit of the Brothers of the Society of St. Pius X in San Jose, CA

Earlier this morning five men died to the world and took on the habit of the Brothers of the Society of St. Pius X.  By this solemn ceremony, they entered their novitiate in the Brothers and took a new religious name.  The ceremony took place during a Solemn High Mass in honor of today's saint, St. Wenceslaus

The celebrant reflected on the Gospel of today's Mass as most appropriate for this ceremony as it is this Gospel which relates the following words of our Lord: "And he who does not take up his cross and follow Me, is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it."

These men serve as a stark contrast to the decadence and licentiousness of the Novus Ordo priests who have taken first-place on the news for their sexual crimes.  Indeed, the Lord is removing the weeds and replacing the harvest with the wheat of souls who are truly intent on following Him and dying to themselves.

Please join me in praying for these five men as they embark on a new life in religious life.  May they be guided by our Lady and may they increase daily in all the virtues necessary in order to save souls and give boundless honor to Almighty God.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Book Review: Garcia Moreno by Fr. Berthe

Over the past few months in my free time, I have been reading the biography of the great saintly President of the Republic of Ecuador, Garcia Moreno.  Entitled "Garcia Moreno," the biography by Fr. Berthe is the most complete and authoritative account of the life of the savior of Ecuador.  While it was out of print since 1889, it's reemergence in 2006 has allowed many to know of Garcia Moreno and to see in him the fulfillment of some of the prophecies of Our Lady from her apparitions in Quito.

The book is extremely well written.  The vocabulary was enriching as I even learned a handful of words by virtue of Fr. Berthe's diction.  But more than that, I felt that I truly learned who Garcia Moreno was.  The biography began with an excellent prologue on the history of South America including how the Spanish were expelled, how the countries of South America came to be, and how freemasonry took hold of the area and led to generations of bloodshed.

Garcia Moreno emerged as a truly unique and capable leader.  Not only did he live a life of great personal sanctity, which is described in detail, he masterfully led the country's rejuvenation, developed infrastructure unlike was thought possible, increased the country's international position, boldly defended and financially supported Pope Pius IX as he was under attack, and corrected an immense financial deficit brought on by the greed of previous leaders.

This is a powerful testimony of what a layman was able to do. And he wasn't perfect - it was a conversation he had in Paris long before he was the President where he realized he was leading an un-Catholic life.  Completely changed, he lived the rest of his years in displaying a myriad of virtues.  He is the example of a Catholic President and his country's policies on education, religion, and the like should be a model for all of us in the 21st century.  Is it possible to live in a Catholic Democracy?  Yes, and this book is the shining example of how to do so!

Highly Recommended.  5 stars.  Please learn more on the life of Garcia Moreno and may he soon have his name inscribed among the saints! After all, he was murdered by Freemasons for his defense of the Faith. Dying as a martyr before the Cathedral in Quito, he wrote on the ground in his own blood "God does not die," and forgave his attackers before he expired.  What we can learn from his examples!  Pray as well for the conversion of modern-day Ecuador.

Novena Prayer for the Canonization of Gabriel Garcia Moreno

Oh Holy Virgin of Lourdes, remember that thy servant Garcia Moreno promised to defend thy Immaculate Conception. Remember that he belonged to thy sweet Archconfraternity, and that he fervently prayed thy Holy Rosary. Pope Pius IX, who officially proclaimed thy exemption from original sin, declared that Garcia Moreno "died a victim of the Faith and Christian Charity for his beloved country". Oh Holy Virgin, obtain for us the canonization of this exemplary ruler so that powerful men arise in works and words for the cause of the same Faith and of our beloved country. Finally, please grant this special intention (make request), if it is for the good of my soul. Amen

With Ecclesiastical Approval (300 days Indulgence)
C.M. Cardinal de la Torre, Archbishop of Quito
January 21, 1958
Thursday, September 20, 2018
Check the Fidelity (or lack thereof) for Your Bishop

A very timely website has come out through the leadership of LifeSiteNews.  The following is from an August 31st article by the organization:
LifeSiteNews launched a new website today dedicated to providing U.S. Catholics with evidence of whether their bishop is faithful or unfaithful to perennial Church teaching.
Faithful Shepherds helps hold American bishops accountable by providing years, sometimes decades, of past tweets, public speeches, sermons, actions, pastoral letters, and diocesan guidelines. 
Faithful Shepherds currently gives evidence of where U.S. bishops stand on ten issues: Archbishop Vigano's testimony, Amoris Laetitia, pro-life leadership, homosexuality, abortion politics, contraception, “LGBT” ideology, liturgy, marriage and family life, and education. More will be added as new evidence is gathered. 
For each of the nine issues, bishops are given one of four rankings: 
1. Faithful to Church teaching
2. Not faithful to Church teaching
3. Unclear whether they are faithful to Church teaching
4. Not enough evidence has been collected for this bishop on this issue 
LifeSiteNews co-founder John-Henry Westen commented that Faithful Shepherds is “extremely important for the life of the Church in the 21st century.”

Check it out here: Faithful Shepherds
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Our Lady of La Salette (Reconciliatrix of Sinners)

Today in the Traditional Missal under Mass "In Some Places and Congregations" is the important feast of Our Lady of La Salette.  These are incredibly important words spoken by the Blessed Virgin Mary in her apparition to Melanie and Maximin and we need to hear these words in our current age of apostasy.


LORD JESUS CHRIST, Who by Thy precious blood hast reconciled the world to God the Father, and hast deigned to make Thy Mother the Reconciliatrix of sinners, grant, we beseech Thee, that by the pious intercession of the same most blessed Virgin Mary we might attain forgiveness for our sins, Thou Who livest and reignest as God with the same God the Father in union with the Holy Ghost. Amen.

History of the Apparition of Mary in La Sallete, France taken from and Tridentine-Mass:

On the 19th of September 1846, the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Virgin Mary appeared again; this time in a small village called La Salette. Near Corps, 1.800 meters above sea level and about 35 kilometers from Grenoble in France. She appeared in La Salette to two small children who were looking after the cattle. They were Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud aged 15 and 11 years who had only known each other for two days. The two children clomb the slopes of the Mont sous-les-Baisses, each urging four cows up the mountain. Melanie tells us: “I had seen from a hill that ours cows were lying down placidly chewing the cud. I went down and Maximin started to climb upwards. Suddenly I saw a beautiful light, much brighter than the sun and felt full of tremendous loving wonder and respect. In that light, I saw a very beautiful woman with her head resting in her hands. The lady stood up and said; come nearer children, do not be afraid “I am here to tell you great news.”

The children were amazed to see that The Lady looked very sad and had tears streaming down her cheeks. She folded her arms over her breast. At first she spoke to the children in French but quickly started to speak to them in their own local dialect. Our Blessed Lady spoke over people swearing, not keeping the Sunday has a day of rest and disobeying Gods laws. Her words were very important and impressive: “If My people do not obey God, I shall be forced to let go of My Sons Hand”. This statement points to the last days of the world. Our Blessed Lady's sad expression, her tears, and words show us Her very real care for and sympathy with all people. “……. you’ll never be able to repay Me for what I have done for you.  Our Lady asked us to pray a lot to save the world. She asked us all to confess our sins, turn away from our evil ways, do penance and pray. In La Salette Mary pointed out the great blessings and mercy of the holy rosary and begged us: “be reconciled with God”. During the period of time when she was appearing to both of the children, they were each individually given a secret. Maximin received his secret first and then Our Lady told a secret to Melanie. Whilst Our Blessed Lady was talking to Maximin, Melanie saw her lips moving, but could not understand what She was saying.

Melanie says that both secrets were written down and were handed to Pope Pius 1X in 1851. Maximin never published the secret given to him, as he died before so doing. Cardinal Antonelli did give a copy of this secret to the Countess of Clermont-Tonnerre. A. Peladin in the “Annales du Surnaturel” published it in 1888.

Below you can read some of this secret:

  • three-quarters of the population of France shall lose their Faith
  • a Protestant nation in the North will repent and proclaim their Faith. Because of this other nations shall return to God in faith.
  • the Church shall grow and bloom once more:
  • after this peace will be greatly disturbed by the ‘monster’! The (great) monster shall come at the end of the 19th century or at the latest at the beginning of the 20th century. 
What about the secrets given to Melanie in La Salette? The Blessed Virgin had said to her, “Melanie, what I am going to tell you now does not have to remain a secret. You may tell it in 1858” (this is the year that Our Lady appeared in Lourdes). These secrets told to Melanie have caused a lot of unrest and disagreement. Among other things, Our Lady told of the coming attempt to murder the Pope, which would not shorten his life.

The prophetic language used by Our Blessed Mother, the painful truths She told and her announcement of Godly righteousness pending. People took these things very much to heart. Mary warned that faith would be lost on a large scale, leaving room for materialism, false teaching (Karl Marx published his communist manifest in 1848), spiritualism and many other sins. She continues: “all those who persecute the Church of Jesus Christ and all those people who have surrendered themselves to sin, will die and the earth will be like a desert. Then there shall be Peace, the reconciliation between God and man” (thus there will be people alive).

Whilst these apparitions of Our Lady took place 153 years ago, these words are extremely relevant today. The given secrets are important to the entire development of the Church and the world until the end of the period of time. She asked the children to pray morning and night and if time was a problem, to at least say an Our Father and a Hail Mary. Finally, Our Lady said; "you’ll tell this to all my people”. This She repeated again.

When Our Blessed Lady talks of Her people, She means everybody in the entire world who believes in Jesus Christ, Her Son. She spoke has The Queen of the World/ Queen of all Nations. Maximin tells us that the Lady was beautiful, great, a wonderful shining brilliant light, she wore a white cloak, a bright yellow apron, and her white shoes were decorated with roses of many colors. Roses were also clearly visible on Her crown. Around Her neck, She wore a chain on which was hanging a large cross with a hammer and pliers on the crossbar.

Maximin also describes how they saw The Lady disappear. First, she was elevated to about one and a half meter high and then She faded and vanished before our eyes. Melanie said: “She must be a great Saint if we had known that we would have asked her to take us with her”. The children were horribly victimized, with threats, teasing, bribes and very mean tricks. But despite all this, their stories remained exactly the same time and again. Finally, after a long and stringent examination of the facts, the Bishops formally recognized that Our Blessed Mother did appear to the children in La Salette. This was in 1851.

Maximin died on the first of March 1875 at just 40 years of age. Melanie lived for many years in various convents in France, England, and Italy. She died 15 December 1904 and was put to rest in Altamura (Italy).

The Real Meaning of the Messages of La Salette: Having told us the reasons for God’s anger, all our sins, disobedience, impurities, materialism, and pride. (St Maria Goretti is an example of purity), Our Lady implores us to change our ways and turn from sin to GOD.

"This apparition in La Salette is fully approved by the Holy See: November 16th, 1851"

Thursday, September 13, 2018
Newly Revised Reparation and Apology Program: Make a Holy Hour in Reparation for Sin

Originally published in 1974 by the Apostolate for Christian Action, Phillip Bellini of the Archdiocese of New Orleans has updated this excellent program for today's Crisis in the Church. The original programs from 1974 are no longer in existence.  The program was done by Fr. Francis Larkin who was famous for promoting the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home.

Mr. Bellini has retyped it in Word on an 11x15 margin because it was the only way for it to fit on one card, back and front, so as to be used at Church if need be. Please print this out and use it. Please also disseminate this far and wide.  Let as many people know of this program and make a holy hour in reparation for sins.
Thursday, September 6, 2018
Who was St. Cloud?

Saint Clodoald cut his hair as a sign of renouncing his rights to the throne to devote himself to the monastic life. (At that time, long hair was the privilege of the Merovingian princes.)

Those who lived in Minnesota will be familiar with the city of St. Cloud, MN.  But do many of them know who St. Cloud was?  St. Cloud is an often unknown saint to most people - even to Minnesotans. St. Cloud's feast day is September 7th. 

The following is taken from Butler's Lives of the Saints:

Saint Cloud is the most illustrious Saint among the princes of the royal family of the first French dynasty, the Merovingians (499-752). Born in 522, he was the son of Chlodomir, King of Orleans and eldest son of Clovis and Saint Clotilda. He was not yet three years old when his father was killed during a war. His grandmother, Saint Clotilda, brought him and his two brothers to Paris to be educated and loved them dearly.

Their ambitious uncles, however, desiring to divide the kingdom of Orleans between themselves, slew with their own hands the two young brothers of Cloud. He, by a special dispensation of Providence, was saved from the massacre. Later, renouncing the world, he privately consecrated himself to the service of God. After distributing to the poor what he could salvage of his heritage, he retired to a hermitage to be under the discipline of a holy recluse named Severinus, who dwelt near the gates of Paris and who clothed him with the monastic habit. His uncles left him alone, seeing his inalterable decision to live as a religious, and conceded certain heritages to him. When he became famous through an act of charity rewarded by a miracle, he withdrew secretly to Provence. There again, his hermitage was sought out by petitioners. He decided to return to Paris, where he was received with the greatest joy.

At the earnest request of the people, he was ordained a priest in 551 by Eusebius, Bishop of Paris, and served the Church of that city for some time in the functions of the sacred ministry. Again he found himself in great honor; he, therefore, retired to Nogent, a place now known as Saint Cloud, two leagues south of Paris, where he built a monastery. There he was joined by many pious men, who fled from the world for fear of losing their souls in its midst. Saint Cloud was chosen by them to be their Superior, and he animated them to virtue both by word and example. He was also indefatigable in instructing and exhorting the faithful of the neighboring regions. He died at Nogent in 560, and the major part of his relics remain still in the parochial church of the village.

Reflection: Let us remember, as Saint Cloud did, that he who ruleth over men must be just (II Kings 23:3), and that it is by faith that the just man lives. (Cf. Galatians 3:11).

Source: Les Petits Bollandistes: Vies des Saints, by Msgr. Paul Guérin (Bloud et Barral: Paris, 1882), Vol. 10; Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints, a compilation based on Butler's Lives of the Saints and other sources by John Gilmary Shea (Benziger Brothers: New York, 1894)


O God, Who, by the gift of the priesthood and the splendor of his virtues, didst glorify blessed Cloud humbling himself for Thy sake upon earth: grant us by his example to minister worthily unto Thee, and by his intercession ever to advance in merit and grace. Through our Lord.

Source: 1945 Father Lasance New Roman Missal (Supplement for Masses in some parts of the United States)

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