Wednesday, July 5, 2006
Catholic Book Recommendations


Protestants, please read the letter written by His Holiness Pope Pius IX, to all Protestants and other Non-Catholics at the convocation of the Vatican Council, September 13, 1868: "With all our hearts we await the return of wandering children [i.e. Protestants] to the Catholic Church with open arms, to welcome them with infinite love in the house of the Heavenly Father and to be able to enrich them with His inexhaustible treasures. Precisely on this much-desired return to truth and communion with the Catholic Church depends...the salvation of each of them." 

If you are seeking conversion to Catholicism, I offer the following resources for you to learn more about Catholicism. In addition, view the posts in my sidebar under the title "Catholic Categories", specifically look through my Apologetic Posts.

Online Resources:
The Best Books on the Spiritual Life
    Authority of the Church:
    Mass and Liturgy and Liturgical Year:
    Marian Devotion:
    Life of our Lord:
    Lives of the Saints & Spirituality
    Crisis in the Modern Church:
    '"A willow tree,' says Pope St. Gregory the Great, 'bears no fruit, but by supporting as it does the vine together with its grapes, it makes these its own by supporting what is not its own.' In like manner, he who warmly recommends a book calculated to do much good makes his own all the good that is done by the book" (Father Michael Mueller in The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)

    Bibles & Scripture Commentary:

    Absolutely every Catholic should own a Bible. Translations like the King James Version and New World Translation are protestant and, therefore, should never be used because they do not even have all of the books of Sacred Scripture. The best Catholic Bible is the Douay-Rheims Bible, which was translated from the Vulgate. I would definitely avoid the New American Bible [NAB] and Jerusalem Bible; the footnotes in the NAB are horrendous.  Here are some recommended Bibles:

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