Monday, July 17, 2006
Abortion Mill becomes Catholic chapel


Just last week I posted about a Kansas abortion clinic that was bought and now being used by pro-lifers. Then I posted about an Omaha one that closed and then about an abortion mill that closed in Missouri. Now I have another one to post about!

On June 1, 2006, Bishop Edward U. Kmiec of Buffalo blessed a former abortion mill and consecrated it as a new chapel of the Holy Innocents. The Holy Innocents are mentioned in the New Testament - those children murdered by Herod as he looked to kill the Child Jesus.

“In the tradition of the early church, pagan temples were turned into holy spaces,” Bishop Kmiec said. “We have done the same thing here today.” This new chapel is the on-site chapel of a Catholic radio station, Holy Family Communications.

Source: LifeSiteNews

The Gospel of Life is winning! Please pray for the unborn and an end to the evil of abortion.


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