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Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To

Today I have finally completed Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To by Anthony DeStefano, the author of A Travel Guide to Heaven. Honestly, I was initially apprehensive about reading this book because I thought it would be another book by a Protestant televangelist trying to tell everyone "Jesus is Lord. Believe and be saved for all your prayers to be answered." Thankfully, the book Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To is nothing like that.

Each chapter focuses on a separate prayer that God always says "yes" to. Importantly, the author also states that prayer is not magic - God will answer these prayers only if they come from the heart. The prayers covered a wide-range of topics from money and suffering to our destiny.

The Ten Prayers:

1) God, show me that you exist
2) God, make me an instrument
3) God, outdue me in generosity
4) God, get me through this suffering
5) God, forgive me
6) God, give me peace
7) God, give me courage
8) God, give me wisdom
9) God, bring good out of this bad situation
10) God, lead me to my destiny

In the book, Anthony DeStefano writes in a very simple, understandable manner and utilizes anecdotes and real-life examples. As someone that prefers theologically and philosophically complicated books, I actually found the book too simple at times. However, this book is certainly written perfectly for the average person seeking to reach God through prayer when it seems that hundreds of other prayers have gone unanswered. In addition, DeStafano incorporates hundreds of scriptural footnotes for those readers seeking to further find God through the words of Holy Scripture. One thing I also enjoyed about the book was DeStafano not only refers to Jesus as the Son of God but also as the second person of the Trinity. Such references help dispel the heresy that Jesus Christ is not divine.

Below is a short summary of a few of the prayers. Read the entire book for much more information on each of the prayers. This book is published by Double Day Publishing.


DeStafano cites one of the most common references to peace in the Bible. From Jesus Christ: "My peace I give to you" (John 14:27). One of my favorite parts of the book is the profound image of the Resurrection. Jesus Christ, the second person of the Blessed Trinity, took flesh to die. He suffered unimaginable pains and tortures before being condemned to death. And when Our Lord rose again in glorious splendor, He took a moment of time to roll up the burial clothes and pleace them neatly on the side. DeStafano's incorporation of this image of our peaceful Lord after His brutal Crucifixion is incredibly profound when the reader understands the pains Our Lord previously endured.

As stated by the author on page 100, "Deliberate sin, by definition excludes peace." We must seek peace only through seeking to live in union with God without sin. This prayer is not necessarily instant like some of the other ones mentioned previously because the response from God depends the state of our souls. Changing our lives into one that is peace-filled can often involve an unpeaceful journey. However, as Christ said, "Do not let your hearts be troubled." As the author brillantly states, "Definition of true peace is union with God" (108).


Courage is not just used to combat our fears. As defined on page 117, "Courage is the cornerstone and linchpin of the entire moral order." Statements like "Fear not" or "Do not be afraid" appear 144 times in Sacred Scripture. A couragous person is a person willing to sacrifice himself for something greater.


Wisdom, one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, is the ability to see the world from God's perspective. God is even identified with wisdom in Proverbs 2:6, 8:12. Another profound statement by DeStafano was when he writes, "When you ask God for wisdom, you are essentially asking him to give you the gift of Himself." But, the author also appropriately discusses that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Note: Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To has an Imprimatur from Bishop John Yanta of Amarillo, Texas

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del_button October 14, 2008 at 11:34 PM
Anonymous said...

I am having a problem with the Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To. None of them have happened and I really wanted to believe in God and have felt I was a Christian. Ever since my husband left me for another woman, I have been a struggling single mom and right when something good happens I think and I say thank you God,it ends up not being a blessing, but something bad. Like meeting some nice new friends then finding out how mean they are and being alone again. Getting more in debt with no answers. I am so scared God does not exist, because I don't think I have ever heard from him--everything I thought he was telling me--like finding the right spouse was obviously wrong. Everyday I fight depression, loneliness and anxiety. I volunteer at church and think I am a good mom, but how long does God think I can go on without feeling loved. You probably will think this is too negative to post,but Christians should admit they suffer too, otherwise suffering Christians think that God hates them.

del_button November 11, 2008 at 12:55 AM
Unknown said...

I just read about the book this evening- haven't read it yet and am troubled by your response.
I too, am a woman who has been alone for almost 3 years- asked my "husband" of 23 years to leave, and he did- He was having affairs during our marriage. I finally decided what I could and could not live with for my own sanity. Filed for divorce, awaiting a trial.
God loes us all.
We will all suffer on this earth,despite all of our blessings.
Appreciate the roof over your head, the food in your mouth, and thank God for everything from the sunshine or storms to the teeth in your mouth.
We will be better off in His kingdom.

del_button November 16, 2008 at 9:30 PM
Anonymous said...

You prayed for strength and God gave you opportunity to be strong. If you want to be a fast runner you need to practice running. If you want to be strong you need practice strength.

del_button December 22, 2008 at 11:40 AM
Anonymous said...

I haven't read the book however I am not a Christian but just a lover of God to the woman who posted about going through depression and being a single mom don't lose faith,continue to pray and start believing that God has good things in store for you,I'm 20 years old and been a cancer survivor for almost 3 years and despite everything God has blessed me in many different ways,and he will bless you too.

del_button September 21, 2018 at 4:45 AM
Unknown said...

Hi everyone, i bless you in the name of Jesus. Someone gave me this book in 2010 whem i was going though a horrible depression. This book changed my life. I asked God very humble to please show me he exists because i was very confussed and had doubts in my heart to weather he existed or not. He showed me he does exist, he healed my depression and changed my life. Jesus is real, he is alive and he loves you so much. Please read this book with a humble heart and Jesus will change your life. May all the Glory and all the Honor be given to Jesus amen

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