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The Dress Code for a Pontifical High Mass (Bishop's Dress Code)

The Following is an excerpt from Quidlibet: The Bishop's Dress Code. I would recommend reading the entirety of the article, which elaborates on virtually all aspects of the traditional dress of the Bishop.
III. Vestments Required for Pontifical Mass.

Attired in his choir habit, the bishop reads the Psalms of Preparation, during which the Master of Ceremonies invests the bishop with the special footgear (items 1, 2). The bishop then recites several prayers that recount the symbolism of the vestments and has his hands washed. After this the Deacon, Subdeacon and Assistant Priest solemnly vest him with the rest of the items. Here is what is required:
1. Buskins. (Loose-fitting leggings in the liturgical color of the day that the Master of Ceremonies puts on the bishop’s legs and then ties.)
2. Sandals. (Special fabric shoes, also in the color of the day, that the Master of Ceremonies puts on over the bishop’s buskins.)
3. Amice.
4. Alb.
5. Cincture.
6. Pectoral cross on a green and gold cord. (Strength against enemies; the victories of the Cross and the martyrs.)
7. Tunic. (Made of light silk, the color of the day. This is the garment of a subdeacon, symbolizing joy.)
8. Dalmatic. (Also of light silk, and slightly shorter than the tunic. This is the garment of a deacon, symbolizing salvation and justice.)
9. Gloves. (Color of the day, embroidered with crosses. Acceptance of the Sacrifice)
10. Chasuble.
11. Miter. (Two types are used at the same Mass: a precious miter with jewels and gold embroidery that is worn in procession and for shorter periods of time during Mass, and a golden miter that is worn when the bishop sits for longer periods of time. Helmet of salvation against the snares of the enemy.)
12. Pontifical ring. (Sevenfold gift of the Holy Ghost.)
13. Crozier.
14. Maniple. (Put on in the sanctuary at the prayer Indulgentiam.)
The symbolism of some items is self-evident, but three in particular merit an additional comment:
(a) Buskins and Sandals. The bishop’s feet are vested, according to the medieval liturgist Durandus, as an allusion to the verse that the liturgy applies to the Apostles themselves: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace.” (Nabuco, Ius Pont., 179)
(b) Tunic and Dalmatic. Bishops at Pontifical Mass must wear the vestments of a subdeacon and deacon because in bishops, said the medieval liturgist Durandus, “the degrees of all the Major Orders are most eminently present.” (Nabuco, Ius Pont., 182)
(c) Gloves. The vesting prayer for the gloves contains an Old Testament allusion: Jacob covering his hands when he presented his offering to his father to obtain a blessing; the bishop prays that through his sacrifice he may likewise receive a blessing, that of divine grace.
Image Source: Archbishop John Timothy McNicholas

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del_button August 17, 2011 at 8:34 PM
Anonymous said...

i know you will probably not want to read this email in its entirety, but i`ve spent about 40-50 min composing the E-mail so please give it a few minutes of your time and as much open mindedness as possible.
first let me point that i do believe in a benevolent infinitely loving creator, i have just had to many amazing things happen in my life and know to much about the scientific impossibility of the universe as we know it just happening to exist, with us lucky humans to behold the vast wonders it contains
now on the topic of this email.

Frankly, I don`t have any problem with the their being a God, the problem I have is with the ludicrous and obscene flaunting of power and wealth and glitz by the Roman Catholic Church. I see no difference in concept between a tough looking guy walking down the street with all sorts of gaudy jwelery and thick gold chains and a golden bishops robe complete with miter so heavily ornate that it might as well be a crown. I also have a severe back ache caused by the idea that worshipers are a flock of sheep to be led, people in archaic cultures like the Native Americans and Aztec`s built huge and complex civilizations without any help from Abraham or Jesus or (heaven forbid!),the Catholic Church. Furthermore how many millions upon millions of people from all over the globe at many numerous times in the sullied and sordid history of Catholicism have been murdered, butchered, burnt at the stake, condemned as heritics ( with the result usually being death after a FORCED confession).
On top of all this there is virtually nothing unique or original about Chrisindom with almost everything from its many myths and stories being stolen from Roman and Greek myth and hero legends. For example: there are tons of virgin birth stories in Grecoroman culture, dying god stories are a pound a penny among archaic culture (including Roman). another thing that really tics me off is that you aren`t expected or taught to question the catholic faith. people that did until quite recently were denounced as heretics and burned alive for the most part and those that weren`t were ostracized and turned into pariah overnight (all in the name of God, of course!). I know it really pisses of the pope that he can`t kill however and whenever he wants anymore, that must really be a drag man, you have my sympathies. By the way i`ve seen pics of the current pope an he has one of the most EVIL and CRUEL looking faces i`ve ever seen outside of Star Wars/Emperor Palpatine. In fact they look IDENTICAL when they smile! i`m sure OburKommandant Benidict XVI can cast Sith lightning. oh and by the way, you should know that a lot of people believe that his graceless is an ex NAZI SS Sturmsoldaten. and as a matter of fact the Catholic Church has used many of the same Manipulative and Heavy Handed, intimidating, hateful and cruel tactics that Mr. Adolf Hitler Himself wad so incredibly proud of.

My advice to you and to any body reading this email is that they shouldn`t look to the heavens or to the Church (especially the Church), for the divine it is with in all of us as our human and creator given birthright. that doesn`t mean that I don`t find a lot of Christianity absolutely gorgeous, as well as believe in a super-powerful and loving supreme prime mover (please leave Lucifer out of it, i don`t believe in a devil), it`s just that the history of Christianity from its very founding (especially the Roman Catholic Church) reeks of the stench of corruption, power games, endless hate and blood shed, betrayal and intellectual and spiritual shriveling.

del_button August 18, 2011 at 9:25 PM
Matthew said...

You are a heretic and not a Christian. For that reason, while I read your message, I feel that no response to your points would do any good. You have already chosen your faith.

PS: The devil's greatest weapon is to make us think he is not real. If you keep it up, you will see him one day - a day that will last for eternity.

del_button October 23, 2017 at 3:55 PM
Mark Zanghetti said...

Anonymous, I don't put much stock in anything most people say that they are not willing to put their name to. I will tell you that much of the same tired, dis-proven myths about the Catholic Church that you dragged out were debunked a long time ago and you are better off taking the time to visit a Catholic Church and learning the truth. I will pray for you.

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