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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Reflection on the Precious Blood by Fr. Fidelis Rice

"The executioners take their stand beside the whipping post...They raise their muscular arms...there is a ripple of sinews...then, like ugly snakes about to strike...the whips hiss through the air...there is a dull, sickening thud...ugly welts rise on the quivering flesh of the God-Man...Again and again they strike, and furrow adjoins furrow in His flesh until His body is criss-crossed with ghastly ridges and bleeding wounds...But still there is the almost rhythmic rise and fall of the lashes.

"Hardly had they commenced before the Precious Blood began to flow...down upon the stone pavement it trickled, forming crimson rivulets and pools. The Angels must have prostrated in adoration before that redeeming Blood...They were watching a world being paid for...and every drop of that Blood was the price of a thousand worlds. But still the agony went on!

"How long this torture lasted, we do not know, but it must have been almost beyond description, since the Evangelists do not trust themselves to write it...They simply say: 'Pilate scourged Him.'

"But finally it was over...The ropes were cut, and slowly Christ slumped to the ground...That stone pavement which was wet with His own Blood"

Source: Thinking of God by Father Fidelis Rice, C.P.

Reminder - July is designated especially as the Month of the Precious Blood of Jesus, a special time to honor the Blood of Jesus. Please see my post entitled Devotions to the Precious Blood of Jesus for more information.


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