Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Pope Benedict XVI Adds Tiara Back to Papal Coat of Arms

Rome Reports states:

The papal crest that hangs from Benedict XVI window is sporting a new design this week. That was before and this is now. We still don't know if the changes are definitive or if it's just one version of the papal coat of arms.

The exterior is inspired by Pope Barberini's crest, which is found on the canopy or baldacchino of Saint Peter's main altar.

The main difference compared to the prior is the comeback of the papal triple crown, which highlights governmental function of the Pope.

A symbol present in all the papal crests of the last century, including that of Pope John Paul the second.

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del_button April 11, 2014 at 11:01 AM
Anonymous said...

Rule 2: Benedict removed the bishop's mitre from his crest and replaced it with a tiara. Is that not denying God? Kings and queens first, bishops next, then God. The pope demoted himself from being the man nearest to the Father to a minor royal, not even in line to the throne, surely?
And with no bishop, there can be no eucharist, the daily sacrifice, as spelled out in the Church's own laws? Mass becomes Church of England communion. The pope has repeated the symbolism of Henry VIII, monarchy over bishop. So what happens to the Bishop, or Papal Authority? It returns to where there is an archbishop of the Church: Canterbury.

Daniel 12: The End of the Daily Sacrifice.
1290 days until the abomination is set in place.
The severing of relations between Catholic Church and God.
Didn't he do well? He probably realised what he had done so left, hoping nobody would notice that technically the church had been raptured by its own hand.

Oops. That has to go down as one of the biggest theological cock-ups in history. Oh, that is why he is called bene-dicked!

Rule 3: But Jesus said it was OK to blaspheme Him, God also if necessary, but NOT the Holy Spirit. Your list is well down the pecking order and for the most part invalid.

God save the Queen, Defender of the Faith by the Grace of God and absent mindedness on the part of the catholics! Send her Victorious!

No, I thought not.

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