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Tuesday, February 26, 2013
"The Bible" TV Series: Special Giveaway and Exclusive Sneak Peek

"The Bible" premieres on the History Channel March 3, 2013.  The series has received recognition from key Catholic figures - let us pray that this series brings people closer to the Holy Church and the Sacraments.

“Mark Burnett”s new Bible series is really special because it takes you through the Old Testament and the New Testament and gives you a really wonderful introduction to the Bible in a way that even non-Christians will be intrigued by it’s storytelling… Following this story the way Mark produced it allows you to kind of feel like you’re there.  They hit all the, major points without being preachy and, even the sophisticated Bible people will get a lot out of it.”    
- Steve McEveety, Producer of The Passion of the Christ, Founder and CEO of Mpower Pictures.

  “We were extremely impressed by the production quality of Mark and Roma’s mini-series The Bible, and thankful for their personal testimonies and commitment to spreading the good news of Jesus to the world.”
- Tom Peterson, Catholics Come Home® / Virtue Media™

We all hunger for something greater than ourselves, but in our generation many see Christianity as “old school,” outdated, irrelevant.  “The greatest story ever told” is that for a reason, though – and Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have done a masterful job of bringing that story to life for a new generation.  Their new show The Bible has all the hallmarks of a successful miniseries.  Superb acting, brilliant cinematography, and compelling drama all work together to touch the heart and help the viewer enter into the story of God’s loving plan. 
-Sarah Christmyer, Director, The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Program, Ascension Press.

You may watch a special video of The Bible Series Extended Trailer - With Special Intro from Mark Burnett and Roma Downey on GodTube.  Here are some excerpts from the producers of this series, Mark and Roma.

What new insights into your faith did you gain from this experience?

MARK: That the Bible is a love story. The story of God’s love for his people. We’re called to be instruments of that love on earth in the short time we’re here.

ROMA: We wrote some books as companions to the series – including a devotional that captures our thoughts and reflections about how making this series gave us a deeper appreciation for the Bible and for each other as husband and wife.
What makes this project unique?

MARK: There’s a tremendous legacy of depictions of the Bible, both on the big and small screen, from King of Kings and The Ten Commandments all the way through The Passion of The Christ.   Our desire was to tell these unforgettable stories through the use of live action combined with state-of-the-art CGI techniques.

ROMA: We filmed in Morocco because we wanted the feel of the real locations in the Bible, and the landscape there provided it. We augmented that with CGI work in order to render as faithfully as humans can the miraculous power of God. Those who’ve seen parts of the series have been very gracious and complimentary about how the two approaches have meshed together.

What are your hopes for the series?

ROMA: This will be a success for us if what comes through onscreen is what comes through on page after page of the Bible itself: God’s sacrificial love for the world.

MARK: We’ve been fortunate to be involved in some pretty successful TV shows: “Touched by an Angel,” “Survivor,” “The Voice,” “The Apprentice,” Shark Tank.” But we know this Bible series will be seen by more people, all over the world and for years to come, than all the shows we’ve ever been involved with combined. 

ROMA: Our prayer is that the dramatization of these stories will drive viewers to go to the Bible itself and drink in the actual text, because it is a book that changes lives.


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del_button February 28, 2013 at 2:07 AM
Alfred Morris said...

This post was printed in our Church bulletin this morning. Have to thank you for writing it. When my wife read it in the car on the way home she said to me, "Wait, this is your life..." Most of the people we know grew up in church which makes it hard for others to understand everything that brought me to this point of following Christ Jesus. "Well, I've always had my faith," is what we commonly hear. Finding out how real God is was the greatest education I received while I was out exploring other things. Thanks again for writing this. God Bless.

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