Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Do SSPX Catholics Lose the Faith? A Rebuttal of Jeffrey Mirus

I would like to suggest the article written by Mr. Riddle for Angelus Press. It is quite good and serves as a worthy rebuttal for an article highly (and unjustly) critical of the Society of St. Pius X. I quote:
In an article that no objective reader would call fair or just, Jeff Mirus posts the apparent reflections of a young lady who grew up as a Catholic whose family received the sacraments from the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X. In addition, it seems the young lady went to a school administered by the same Society, it appears, for all of her education (at least her pre-collegiate education). Mirus begins with a note that while negative anecdotal evidence can be found about any person or group, this “seems fairly typical and dovetails with a very real canonical, theological, and pastoral situation.” With no separate explanations, the reader may ask exactly on what basis this seems “fairly typical” to Dr. Mirus, or what the exact nature of the “very real canonical” situation is – a precision he refused to offer in his response to Mr. Chris Jackson of The Remnant. 

As someone raising six children in St. Mary’s, Kansas – the largest Society community in the United States – and who grew up in a conservative Catholic family, later attending Christendom College – an institution Mr. Mirus helped found – I think I can bring a unique perspective to bear in examining the possible veracity of the young lady’s assertions. Her words will be italicized; my response will be in normal font.

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del_button June 12, 2013 at 11:50 PM
happyhockeymom said...

Interesting intro. Too bad I can't read the actual article at the Angelus Press blog. It is infected with a trojan horse mal-ware that my computer blocked and won't let me back on the site. Just a warning to anyone else who goes to check it out.

Matthew, is there any way you can post the whole thing so that we can read it without going to the Angleus press site?

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