Sunday, March 2, 2014
Five (5) Catholic Action Sites for Sunday

In the past I have spoken at length on the importance of Sunday and the Top 10 Activities for Catholics to do on Sundays.  As I had mentioned, Sunday is a day of activism for the glory of God and His True Church.

But what does this look like on any given Sunday?  What are some concrete ways that we can be making a difference for the good of the Church and for society?

I present to you a list of some of the websites I routinely check each Sunday to find action items to address:

1. LifeSiteNews: This site is likely familiar to many of you as it includes a treasure trove of pro-life news.  I scan the articles and find situations to which I can make an impact.  For example, if there is an article about a pending piece of legislation, I will use that to write to my elected officials. 

2. American Life League: Like the item above, this site has great pro-life news and helps me stay informed and shows me action items that I can address.

3. Cardinal Newman Society: This organization is a tax-deductible institution focusing on keeping the Catholic Identity in Catholic schools and learning institutions.  I glance the news recaps to see if there are any so-called Catholic schools hosting pro-abortion speakers or anti-Catholic thought or heresy.  If so, they get a letter from me. 

4. TFP Student Action.  This organization defends Catholic values on campuses.  They have a great "Get Involved Page" and I check it regularly for new petitions, surveys, and ways to make my voice heard.

5. SSPX Headlines.  I check in each week to see the News Headlines for what is new in the realm of Traditional Catholicism.

And please remember to bookmark and participate in the activities I have listed on A Catholic Life's Take Action Page.

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