Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Nativity Stone Rosary: A One-of-a-Kind Rosary

Last week I received the most beautiful Rosary that I have ever owned.  What makes this Rosary truly special to me, besides the Victorian style to which I am particularly attached, is that on the crucifix is a Nativity Stone.  The Nativity stone is a true piece from the Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

The Nativity Stone is not a relic but it is a powerful connection with the birth of the Divine Son of God. To be able to hold next to our heart a piece of the Cave in which the Lord was born is truly priceless.

(Pictured here is the incredibly beautiful Victorian Prayer Rosary.  The beads, layered in 22K gold, along with the Nativity stone, make this the most beautiful Rosary that I own.  I was elated when I opened the package and found such a beautiful Rosary inside).

Nativity Stones Crosses are unique as they are the only ones selling a cross that contains a stone from the Cave of The Nativity in Bethlehem. In the heart of each piece is a one of a kind authentic Nativity Stone from one time excavation that took place in 1963.

In year 2000 Nativity Stones were even honored with a plaque placed in the Vatican.  The Victorian Prayer Rosary was presented to Cardinal Ruini at the Vatican during the dedication of the Nativity Stones plaque during the year of the 2000 Jubilee.

Each cross includes a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the Priest of the Church of the Nativity and a booklet telling the story.  

The Rosary itself came in a beautiful velvet gift bag with a draw string.  Along with it came the certificate of authenticity and a wonderful handout on the Nativity Stones.

Nativity Stone sells various Rosaries and crosses each containing a stone from the Nativity. 

I would encourage all of you to check out their website and I happily endorse this.  They can be found at:

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To learn more about the remarkable Nativity Stones story, please visit:

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