Saturday, January 3, 2015
Catholic Resolutions 2015

Each year I have made what I call "Catholic Resolutions."  These New Years Resolutions are not centered on losing weight, eating more healthy, or the like.  Rather, these resolutions each year are centered around my spiritual life.  I encourage all of you to make resolutions specifically geared on improving your own Faith life and your own knowledge of the Faith.  Ask yourself:

1. Do I know the Faith that I profess to believe in?  If not, how can I learn more?  For example, has an ideal Adult Course just for this purpose.
2. Am I truly living a Catholic life?  Am I learning more prayers?  Am I helping others to learn the Faith and live it out?  Do I regularly receive the Sacraments?
3. Do you struggle with certain sins or addictions?
4. Do you need to make more donations to Catholic organizations or pro-life charities?

This is the time of year to truly set Catholic Resolutions which will have eternal repercussions.

I will begin with reviewing my 2014 Resolutions:

2014 Catholic Resolutions

1.   Continue to pray the Rosary Daily
2.   Pray the Divine Office at least 1X Daily
3.   Network with 10 more Traditional Catholics
4.   Receive the rank of Squire in the Order of Knight of our Lady and make progress in my study towards the rank of Donate
5.   Bi-Weekly Confession to help conquer old habits

2014 Catholic Resolutions

1. Overall, I did well on the first goal.  I did not pray the Rosary daily but I did go through periods of time where I did and other weeks I managed to pray it 4-5 times.
2. I made strong progress in this from August to present.  (see point #4)
3. I made limited progress with this.  It is difficult to meet people in person due to timing and a host of other issues.  Last year when I was going to, I had situations where I got lost and another one where I got in an accident on the way.  But I did made at least electronic contact with more than 10 Traditional Catholics.
4. This goal was met in early August.
5. I did not always make bi-weekly Confession but I did not go more than one month without its reception.

So, now, here are my 2015 Catholic Resolutions

1.   Bi-Weekly Confession to help conquer old habits
2.   Progress in the the rank of Squire in the Order of Knight of our Lady and make progress in my study towards the rank of Donate.  This will include three parts:  a. Daily Divine Office recitation  b. Weekly Rosary for the order  c. Saturday Mass attendance
3.  Read 3 Books to help improve my own prayer life, with one of them being during Lent (as per the Rule of St. Benedict for his monks).

I encourage you to make Catholic Resolutions as well!

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