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Friday, March 6, 2015
Understanding the Precepts of the Church

After several months of work, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest course: Understanding the Precepts of the Church.  I am pleased to have written this course.

This 7 part course will explain the Precepts of the Church as well as other responsibilities of Catholics, informally called Precepts too, such as “Working for the Evangelization of Souls.”

Catholics are bound to observe the laws of the Church, in addition to the Ten Commandments.  Many of these additional laws have been long established and observed by the Faithful for centuries.  All together, the Deposit of Faith, that which a Catholic must believe in order to truly be a Catholic, requires Catholics to observe the Precepts of the Church. 

While there are many courses and books on the Ten Commandments (The Commandments of God), there are very few resources on the Commandments of the Church, known as the Precepts of the Church. 

In this course I will cover:

1.       Why must we attend Mass on Holy Days? 
2.       How have the Holy Days of Obligation changed over the centuries? 
3.       Why do Holy Days differ country to country? 
4.       What are fast and abstinence days? 
5.       How is the Byzantine Fasting different from Roman Catholic Fasting? 
6.       What are the traditional days of Rogation Days, Ember Days, and Vigils all about? 
7.       Why must we received Holy Communion during Eastertide? 
8.       What is meant by “The Easter Duty”?  
9.       What period of time is this really since it is more than just the 50 Days of Easter? 
10.   Why must we confess our sins once a year? 
11.   What are the requirements for marriage in the Church? 
12.   Why is Invitro-Fertilization an attack on the marriage laws of the Church? 
13.   What must we do to evangelize souls? 
14.   And much, much more!

This course is available for only $19.95Click here to preview the lessons! 

Would you prefer the paperback? We are pleased to also make this course available on paperback.  For the same price as the online course, you can own this book.  Click here to learn more and buy the book!


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