Thursday, May 28, 2015
Prayers for the Salvation of All Men


O Lord Jesus Christ, Lover and Saviour of souls, Who didst choose to die for all men and whose Sacred Heart yearns that no soul may perish, but that all may come to the knowledge of Thy truth, grant, I beseech Thee, the salvation of all mankind. Have pity on all Catholics, that they may be true to Thy Faith, steadfast in its practice, faithful to their duties, holy in their lives and happy in their deaths.

Have mercy on all those disinherited children of God who find themselves in the Christian denominations which are separated from Thy One True Church. Grant them the light to see and the strength to embrace the fullness of Thy truth. Encourage them to read and study, and help me to find the means of giving to many of them good Catholic books and of bringing them to instructions. Have mercy, O my God, on the great sad multitude of our fellow countrymen, who wander like lost sheep, far from true Christian teaching. Multiply the number of Thy priests, stir up the zeal of Thy laity, so that all Thy wandering children may be brought to the knowledge and the love of Thy full truth. Amen.


O Lord, have mercy also on the pagan nations of the world, the sad thousands of millions who walk in the darkness of the shadow of the valley of death. Have pity on abandoned sinners, on the malicious, on outcasts, on the fallen and on the depraved. Have mercy on the dying and especially on those who have none to pray for them. With all the fervor of Thy Sacred Heart, my Jesus, pray and beseech Thy Heavenly Father for the conversion of all sinners, and for the perseverance in Thy grace of all the just. Amen.


O most merciful Jesus, Shepherd of souls, behold the great multitude of the heathen, redeemed and purchased by Thy Sacred Blood and Thy horrible agony, still wandering far off from Thy holy Fold and ignorant of the very existence of their Redeemer. O Jesus, the abundant treasure of Thy Blood has purchased a million times over those souls so dear to Thy Sacred Heart. Stir up in all Thy faithful a burning zeal for missionary endeavor, a great generosity toward missionary works, and an immense desire to convert the whole world and bring all men to the knowledge of Thy truth. Amen.

IMPRIMATUR; + Albert G. Meyer. Archb. of Milwaukee. Nov. 7. 1956
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del_button May 29, 2015 at 1:10 PM
Laura K Hewitt said...

Great article and beautiful image from
I will keep the prayer for the promotion of the missionary spirit close to my heart.

del_button May 29, 2015 at 3:13 PM
Matthew said...

Thank you, Laura for commenting and for praying.

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