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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
New Book: From Nicea to Now: The Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church


From Nicea to Now: A New Book on Understanding all of the Ecumenical Councils

When you think of the Councils of the Church, you probably imagine a group of Cardinals and Bishops quietly discussing obtuse theological doctrines which have no practical implications. Perhaps a loud cough is heard once in a while but, on the whole, it is a staid affair.

Actually, the Councils were anything but impractical or quiet. There were loud disagreements and accusations of heresy. You will read about wars, riots, murders and shipwrecks as well as anti-popes and the suppression of the Templars. The Council members cared deeply about the religious and social problems of their day, arguing for months, sometimes years, in order to find a solution.

Each chapter of the book contains a discussion of why the Council was called and what happened at the Council, as well as Biblical references and prayers. You shall meet many saints (from Saint Francis to Saint Nick) as well as a few characters not so holy. Each Council has its own exciting story but each has a unifying theme in the Church’s unending mission to guide souls to God.

Unlike other books which have tried to examine only certain Councils in detail, this one-of-a-kind work is the result of years of research. Learn the fullness of all the teachings of the Church’s Ecumenical Councils from Nicea to Constantinople to Lyons to Florence and to the present day, and everything in between.

From Nicea to Now is written by Frances Spilman, author of A Step Towards Heaven: An Introduction to Religion. Frances is from a small town in Northern New Jersey and attended Catholic schools from 1st grade through graduate school. She has been a church organist and pianist since the age of 13 and has volunteered as a CCD teacher for many years. Frances is a Life Runner and has marched in the Right to Life Parades.

For more information please visit to take part in the interactive online course.  Or if you are interested in the paperback, click here to preview the book.


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