Monday, December 7, 2015
Feast of St. Ambrose

Double (1955 Calendar): December 7

Today is the feast of the great St. Ambrose, the famous bishop who baptized St. Augustine.  Known by some as St. Ambrose of Milan, to distinguish him from other saints by the name of Ambrose, the famous bishop of Milan was born to a Roman noble family.  As is the case with many other saints, he was the friend and relative of other saints - he is the brother of St. Marcellina and St. Satyrus.

St. Ambrose was a learned man having been educated in the classics, philosophy, poetry, and Greek.  St. Ambrose for a time served as the Governor of Milan.   Famously, when the bishop of Milan died, a great dispute arose over who should take his place.  St. Ambrose intervened in such a calm way that both sides were awed by his demeanor; so much so that he was chosen to be the new bishop - despite that he was at that time merely an unbaptized catechumen!  St. Ambrose resisted - citing his own unworthiness - but to finally calm the crowds, he agreed.

On December 7, 374 AD, St. Ambrose was baptized and on that same day ordained in the various orders of the Church including episcopal consecration.

As the newly consecrated bishop, he immediately gave all of his wealth to the poor.  St. Ambrose is regarded as a renowned preacher and teacher and writer of liturgical hymns.  He remained steadfast against the heresy of the Arians and against the rampant paganism of the time. His preaching directly led to the conversion of St. Augustine of Hippo and it lead Emperor Theodosius to do public penance for his sins. 

St. Ambrose was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Boniface VIII in 1298.  He is also known as the Honey Tongued Doctor because of his preaching ability.

St. Ambrose, pray for us!

Today is also the Vigil of the Immaculate Conception (a day of fasting and abstinence).


O God, may blessed Ambrose intercede for us in heaven as he once instructed Your faithful on earth and directed them in the way of eternal salvation. Through Our Lord . . .

Prayer Source: 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal

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