Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum: Announcing a New College for Traditional Catholics


Collegium sanctorum angelorum announces the establishment of a new college to serve traditional Catholics and the establishment of the college’s supporting subsidiary, Heavenly Roast Coffee.

Have you wondered “what ever happened to Catholic colleges?”  With a very small handful of exceptions, two things have happened to Catholic colleges.  The first is that they have built themselves on a financial model that is unsustainable.  The model requires ever-increasing tuition, ever-increasing enrollment, and ever-increasing fund raising campaigns.  Even then, it seems that enough is never enough.  The second thing that has happened to Catholic colleges is that, in order to keep their enrollment numbers increasing in a society that has been overwhelmed by secularism, they have “lightened” their emphasis on their Catholic identity and mission.  Indeed, many have jettisoned it altogether.

If you are a homeschooling family, it is likely that you have seen a similar decline in the Catholic identity and mission of Catholic elementary and secondary schools as well.   And if you are a traditionalist, it only gets worse.  At best you are tolerated, begrudgingly, but more often than not you are viewed as a “deplorable.”   So, you have “circled the wagons” spiritually and morally.  You educate your children, you drive long distances to attend Mass, and you select a small circle of friends who will reinforce your efforts to inculcate the faith in your children.   Now as your children are growing, perhaps you are wondering what to do for college?   Where can you send them and have a reasonable hope that your eighteen years of toil won’t be undone in the first semester of classes?  Let me give you a place to consider.

Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum (College of the Holy Angels) will be a faithful, affordable, liberal arts college serving traditional Catholics.  (http://www.collegiumsanctorumangelorum.org)

The Collegium will be a residential college opening in Ocala, FL in the fall of 2019.  It will provide a liberal arts education (A.A. and B.A.) that is faithful to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and liturgical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and a formation in Catholic living, called ore et labore, both at affordable rates (under $13,500) for tuition, room and board.  In short, the Collegium will be faithful, affordable, and traditional.

The Curriculum of the Collegium will include a liberal arts core of 90 credits (of a total of 120).  The final 30 credits will offer students a limited selection of electives and curricular emphases.  (See more details at http://www.collegiumsanctorumangelorum.org/the-collegium)

The Collegium will also provide a formation in Catholic living through regular prayer (including Mass and parts of the Divine Office), opportunities for every student to work in support of the mission of the college, co-curricular activities that will support intellectual inquiry, spiritual formation, and moral discernment, and a faculty/staff that is committed to providing exemplary models of Catholic living.

The college is as concerned about formation as it is about information.  Thus, the residential aspect of the college is critical, and it will constitute a program of prayer, centered on the traditional Latin Mass and parts of the Divine Office, work, and study.  The formation will be essentially contemplative in nature, to which the traditional forms of prayer are more naturally aligned.  (This will also serve the needs of traditional Catholics, for whom there is currently no four-year college devoted to such a traditionally oriented formation.)

The college will keep its costs affordable by limiting the size and scope of the program, by supporting the program with auxiliary income-producing enterprises – one of which is HEAVENLY ROAST COFFEE – and by using technology to achieve efficiencies wherever possible.  (Look at Heavenly Roast Coffee here: http://www.heavenlyroastcoffee.com)

While the Collegium will not be an official agency or organization of the Catholic Church, nor have a legal relationship with the Catholic Church, the Collegium will provide an education that is faithful to the magisterium of the Church.  Every member of the faculty and staff at the college will be a practicing Catholic in full communion with the Holy Catholic Church, will be fully supportive of the purposes of the Collegium, and will sign the Collegium’s pledge of fidelity to the magisterium of the Catholic Church and its oath rejecting the philosophy of Modernism.


1.    Visit the Collegium’s website: www.collegiumsanctorumangelorum.org, sign up for our newsletters and announcements, and follow our blog.
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5.    Pray this prayer every day:

Prayer to the Holy Angels
Bless the Lord, All you His Angels, You who are mighty in strength and do His will.   Intercede for me at the throne of God, and by your unceasing watchfulness protect me in every danger of soul and body.   Obtain for me the grace of final perseverance, so that after this life I may be admitted to your glorious company and may sing with you the praises of God for all eternity.

O all you holy Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones; Dominions, Virtues and Powers; Principalities, Archangels and Angels; and especially you, my dear Guardian Angel, intercede for me and obtain for me the special favor of the success of the College of the Holy Angels.

(Our Father … 10x – one for each of the orders of angels and one for your guardian angel, that as they intercede for the Collegium, all things will be done according to the will of Our Father in heaven.)

Contact For More Information: edwardschaefer@collegiumsanctorumangelorum.org


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