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The 17th Year of the Century: A Year of Disaster, Disorder, and Error

As we begin the year 2017, let us pause to reflect on how monumental a year this will be.  As I mentioned in my recent post on the New Year (An Appeal for the Heart that Conquered Death: Reflections for a Catholic New Year), this year is the 100th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's apparitions in Fatima, Portugal.

The Blessed Virgin Mary warned us that unless we be converted and Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, there would be future disaster.  An unfortunately, the consecration was never done as Our Lady instructed it to be done.  If you are not familiar with the story of Fatima, now is the time to read again an overview of Fatima.  We must prepare for what may be a year of great disaster.

We know firsthand that heresies are running rampant in the Church (see here for just some of the recent headlines), and under the leadership of Pope Francis, liberals continue to attack the sacredness of Holy Matrimony and Catholic dogmas that have been in place for over a thousand years.  We are witnessing a great battle taking place in the Church.  Let us pray each and everyday for the propagation of the Faith, the defense of the Church, and the salvation of souls.

History often repeats itself.  And as we begin this 17th year of this century, it is important that we understand the grave events that have taken place in the 17th year of the previous centuries.

The 17th Year of the Century: A Year of Disaster, Disorder, and Error

1317 - Pope Constance V (First Avignon Pope):  In his Constitutiae Clementiae, he dissolved the Templar Order and did away with their vast wealth.  The Hospitalar Order was next on the list of King Phillip V of France. 

1417 - Pope Martin V did away with all of the laws and restrictions effecting Jews.  He had many Jewish Physicians.

1517 - The Protestant Reformation occurred and as a result, it brought untold destruction to souls that we are still seeing today.  Vast numbers of churches, monasteries, and priories were destroyed.  Many Catholics were martyred by the protestants and their errors continue to lead many souls to hell since there is no salvation outside of the Church (and yet many of us Catholics fail to evangelize to these souls that need to be saved from these heresies).  May St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen pray for us!

1617 - The Protestants held their first jubilee celebration and the enrollment of the Socinians took place.  The Socianism heresy is most famous for its nontrinitarian Christology but contains a number of other heretical beliefs as well.

1717 - The Grand Lodge of England and the resurgence of Freemasonry. 

1817 - Congress of Vienna presided over by Rothschild.  It started in 1814 and would most likely have been implemented in around this year.  This would have lead to a type of European Union 100 years early.  It was crushed by one of the few countries that didn't have a Rothschild Bank; Russia.  Because of the actions of Tzar Alexander II, Meier is said to have vowed to wipe his seed from the earth.  In 1917 his dynasty did just that!

1917 - The Soviet Revolution takes place leading to millions of deaths and the enthronement of an atheistic government in Russia.  This same year, the Blessed Virgin Mary comes to earth and appear in Fatima to warn us. 

Many of these events concern the triumph of the greatest enemies of the Church - freemasons, heretics, and atheists.  While much more could be written on each of these items describing their enormous effects on the Church and souls, that is not the scope of this article.  Please feel free to investigate any of these items more thoroughly.  For example, concerning the events in 1817, you may want to check out "To Take Away the Opiate" by Dr. Rabbi Marvin Antelman.  He writes extensively about Shabbatai Zvi, Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt and Meier Amchtel de Rothschild. Weishaupt, Frank and Rothschild were the architects to the European Revolutions including the Bolshevik Revolution which killed 36-40 million among of whom were 1.3 million Orthodox Jews.  Dr. Antelman talks about this and who the identity of the revolutionaries were and who funded them.

But alas, the point is that the 17th year of the century has been a year of great disaster, disorder, and error.  Let us do all we can this year to make reparation (and thus fulfill the request of our Lady of Fatima who often asked for reparation).  We should make reparation not only for our own sins but also those of our families and friends and even more so - of those souls in error who will not perform reparation.

May Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.  And may the Lord have mercy on us this year and save us from our sins and His wrath! 

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