Sunday, July 23, 2017
Book Review: Return to Order
Last year I began to read an electronic copy of "Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society--Where We've Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go" by John Horvat II

Mr. Horvath's book was full of truly insightful wisdom detailing the root causes of society's fall from its former glory.  Many may point to the sexual revolution, the World Wars, or the industrial revolution as the cause.  All of these however are merely symptoms and consequences of a much larger disorder.  In "Return to Order," the true culprit is identified as "frentic intemperance."

Mr. Horvath points to the consequences of these actions when he describes secularism: "Secular society is the logical consequence of a predominantly materialistic society...personal belief in God is allowed and even encouraged as long as it is confined to the personal unofficial realm. A secular society in general is one which is officially purged of all references to a reality beyond that of our naturalistic and materialistic world."

He continues by quoting Plino Correa de Oliveira who calls secularism a "curious form of atheism," and then continues expounding on the topic in a rather insightful manner.

But Mr. Horvath's book does more than provide these good and clear-cut explanations, it also and powerfully addresses the errors in the modern economy.  He writes, "Our great error is that we have turned economic activity into an end in itself.  We have separated economics from the influence of those human sciences and norms that should orient all human actions.  Economics, which should be a faithful servant to help man reach his end in life, thus becomes a domineering master."

What is the best society?  In "Return to Order," it is described as being organic, possessing upright spontaneity, and fostering and built on a virtuous order.  In Chapter 26, Mr. Horvath outlines the ordering principles of autonomy, authority, vital flux, and subsidiarity as vital principles which must return to our society if we are to reverse the calamities of the past decades and centuries.

I recommend the book for those looking to better understand the root cause of today's societal woes and a very easy and inspiring read on how we might restore order to our world.

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