Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Book Review: Garcia Moreno by Fr. Berthe

Over the past few months in my free time, I have been reading the biography of the great saintly President of the Republic of Ecuador, Garcia Moreno.  Entitled "Garcia Moreno," the biography by Fr. Berthe is the most complete and authoritative account of the life of the savior of Ecuador.  While it was out of print since 1889, it's reemergence in 2006 has allowed many to know of Garcia Moreno and to see in him the fulfillment of some of the prophecies of Our Lady from her apparitions in Quito.

The book is extremely well written.  The vocabulary was enriching as I even learned a handful of words by virtue of Fr. Berthe's diction.  But more than that, I felt that I truly learned who Garcia Moreno was.  The biography began with an excellent prologue on the history of South America including how the Spanish were expelled, how the countries of South America came to be, and how freemasonry took hold of the area and led to generations of bloodshed.

Garcia Moreno emerged as a truly unique and capable leader.  Not only did he live a life of great personal sanctity, which is described in detail, he masterfully led the country's rejuvenation, developed infrastructure unlike was thought possible, increased the country's international position, boldly defended and financially supported Pope Pius IX as he was under attack, and corrected an immense financial deficit brought on by the greed of previous leaders.

This is a powerful testimony of what a layman was able to do. And he wasn't perfect - it was a conversation he had in Paris long before he was the President where he realized he was leading an un-Catholic life.  Completely changed, he lived the rest of his years in displaying a myriad of virtues.  He is the example of a Catholic President and his country's policies on education, religion, and the like should be a model for all of us in the 21st century.  Is it possible to live in a Catholic Democracy?  Yes, and this book is the shining example of how to do so!

Highly Recommended.  5 stars.  Please learn more on the life of Garcia Moreno and may he soon have his name inscribed among the saints! After all, he was murdered by Freemasons for his defense of the Faith. Dying as a martyr before the Cathedral in Quito, he wrote on the ground in his own blood "God does not die," and forgave his attackers before he expired.  What we can learn from his examples!  Pray as well for the conversion of modern-day Ecuador.

Novena Prayer for the Canonization of Gabriel Garcia Moreno

Oh Holy Virgin of Lourdes, remember that thy servant Garcia Moreno promised to defend thy Immaculate Conception. Remember that he belonged to thy sweet Archconfraternity, and that he fervently prayed thy Holy Rosary. Pope Pius IX, who officially proclaimed thy exemption from original sin, declared that Garcia Moreno "died a victim of the Faith and Christian Charity for his beloved country". Oh Holy Virgin, obtain for us the canonization of this exemplary ruler so that powerful men arise in works and words for the cause of the same Faith and of our beloved country. Finally, please grant this special intention (make request), if it is for the good of my soul. Amen

With Ecclesiastical Approval (300 days Indulgence)
C.M. Cardinal de la Torre, Archbishop of Quito
January 21, 1958

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