Sunday, February 3, 2019
6 Years into Pope Francis's Papacy: The Disastrous Results

  • Francis says that he celebrated Martin Luther’s “Reformation” last year.  Francis thus celebrated Martin
  • Luther’s revolution against the Catholic Church.  He received a statue of Luther in the Vatican.
  • According to Francis, you shouldn’t say even one word to attempt to convince someone that the Catholic faith is the true religion.
  • Francis called a deceased Buddhist “Venerable”.
  • Francis teaches that you can die as an atheist and go to Heaven!
  • Francis learned that a priest told others that a mortal sinner was not saved.  Francis tries to “reassure” the people that the priest is not correct.
  • Francis identifies an Islamic leader as an authentic believer.
  • Francis says you shouldn’t try to convert people to Catholicism.
  • For a person to be saved, he or she must be baptized, have the true faith, and die in the state of grace.  Francis teaches that all men will be saved regardless.
  • The London Times newspaper reported that a group of cardinals who supported Pope Francis now want him to resign and be replaced by Cardinal Pietro Parolin because they fear his reforms will cause a schism “more disastrous” than the Reformation.
  • Prominent Catholic philosophers and a world expert on the Church Fathers have joined the growing chorus of voices expressing deep concerns over the implications of Pope Francis’s controversial exhortation Amoris Laetitia which allows divorced Catholics to receive communion without an annulment. “The seeming ‘internal waffling’ going on inside the Church over the issue of Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried is undermining the Church’s moral authority”, wrote Dr. Jude P. Dougherty, the dean emeritus of the School of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America. In a 25-page letter, nearly 70 Catholic theologians and clergy assert that the pontiff has propagated “heretical propositions” on “marriage, the moral law, and the reception of the sacraments.”
  • Pope Francis said, “If we speak explicitly about communion for the divorced and remarried, you do not know what a terrible mess we will make. So we won’t speak plainly.”
  • Pope Francis called Italy’s foremost abortion promoter one of nation’s ‘forgotten greats’. In an interview with
  • “Corriere Della Sera” he praised Italy’s unrepentant leading abortionist and proponent of abortion, Emma Bonino, as one of the nation’s “forgotten greats,” comparing her to great historical figures.
  • An 88-year-old American former cardinal, who was already the highest-ranking US priest accused of sexual abuse, has suddenly found himself at the centre of the latest storm that has engulfed the Roman Catholic church and marred the pope’s visit to Ireland.
  • Theodore McCarrick resigned as a cardinal last month over abuse allegations arising from a series of grand jury investigations in the state of Pennsylvania. Pope Francis had been aware of the allegations against McCarrick since 2013 but had failed to act on them.
  • Pope Francis has now promoted the notorious Tymothy Radcliffe (who favours homosexuality) to Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. This is a Papal appointment. Radcliffe is well-known, and outspoken in favor of homosexuality.
  • In his clearing out and re-stacking of the Vatican’s highest pro-life institution, the Pontifical Academy For Life, Pope Francis has not invited many former members specifically chosen by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI for their pro-life-and-family credentials as well as their fidelity to Catholic teaching. At the same time, however, Pope Francis appointed a pro-abortion theologian who has expressed support for euthanasia in certain circumstances.
  • Pope Francis changed Holy Thursday foot-washing ritual to include women. Christ washed the feet of his all-male apostles at the Last Supper.
  • United States Vice President Joe Biden addressed a Vatican conference on adult stem cell research Friday just before Pope Francis spoke. Biden’s invitation has sparked criticism because he supports the taxpayer-funded killing of embryonic human beings for research purposes.  He is also a vocal proponent of abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and the LGBT agenda, yet he flaunts his Catholic faith as an important part of his life.
  • Pope Francis gave awards to Hollywood pro-abortion, anti-marriage advocates Richard Gere, George Clooney, and Salma Hayek.
  • The pope made the dual claimed that some cohabitating (unmarried) couples are in a “real marriage,” receiving the grace of the Sacrament. Later in his reply, Pope Francis spoke of couples preferring to cohabitate and told priests not to tell them to marry.
  • Pope Francis has named Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich to serve as a member of the Congregation for Bishops. When he was the bishop of Spokane, Washington, Cupich requested that priests and seminarians of his diocese not participate in 40 Days for Life prayer vigils outside abortion facilities. In August 2015, in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts trafficking scandal, Cupich wrote that unemployment and hunger are just as appalling as killing children in the womb.  Cupich has openly contradicted Catholic canon law on giving Holy Communion to those in a state of mortal sin.
  • Pope Francis called on Catholics to go to confession for sins of not being respectful of creation, giving examples of examination of conscience such as “avoiding the use of plastic and paper,” “separating refuse” and “turning off unnecessary lights.”
  • Members of the Pontifical Academy for Life will no longer be required to sign a declaration that they uphold the Church’s pro-life teachings. In new statutes for the Vatican body, Pope Francis has also expanded its mandate to include a focus on the environment.
  • Pope Francis criticized the “rigidity” of young people who are attached to the Traditional Latin Mass.

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del_button September 10, 2019 at 8:18 AM
Anonymous said...

Can you find one thing Pope Francis said or did that Jesus would not have said or done. Our true calling is to follow Jesus, even when His message and example are not reflected in current Church policy or practice. Shame on you for undermining the faithful's trust in the Lord and his chosen leader(s). Do you believe the Holy Spirit is guiding the Church or not? Rev. Ray Gagnon, (ordained a priest in 1972).

del_button October 12, 2019 at 7:12 PM
Mike said...

Father, you are blind.


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