Saturday, June 6, 2020
Our Lady of Grace (Our Lady of Mentorella)

Distinct from Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces, which is celebrated in some places on May 31st, Our Blessed Mother is honored under the title "Our Lady of Grace" on June 9th. Like the Feast of Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces, Our Lady of Grace is celebrated only in certain places and is not part of the Church's Universal Calendar.

Feast Days of Our Blessed Mother for Every Day of the Year From The Woman in Orbit, Compiled by Sister Manetta Lamberty, S.C.C. Copyright 1966 and accessed via Our Lady's Rosary Makers states:

"High up in the Sabine Mountains of Italy, about 35 miles from Rome, stands an ancient and venerable Shrine of our Lady under the title of Our Lady Mentorella, Mother of Grace.  To Italian peasants who dwell in the surrounding country the place upon which the shrine stands is simply known as Mentorella.

"The place and Shrine of Mentorella are considered sacred because as a tradition tells us at the great cliff just behind the shrine, the miraculous conversion of Placid, an officer in the army of Trajan, who was later to be called St. Eustace, took place.  He there beheld, it is said, Our Lord crucified between the antlers of a great stag, which as a huntsman he had pursued.

"The Shrine of Our Lady of Mentorello, Mother of Grace, was built about a thousand years ago though various objects of religion contained therein are much older.  The statue of Our Lady encased in glass and placed upon the marble baldachino of the main altar, dates back at least to the twelfth century.  Mentorella’s greatest claim to renown lies in the fact that the shrine is a place of pilgrimage and of special devotion to the Blessed Mother of God.  The original church was built by Constantine and consecrated by Pope St. Sylvester.

"Tradition has it that St. Benedict lived for some time before he founded the famous monastery of Subiaco, in a cave immediately behind the Mentorella church."

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