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First Sunday after Epiphany Mass Propers

Note: This Mass is not offered on the First Sunday after Epiphany since 1921 when Pope Benedict XV instituted the Feast of the Holy Family for this date. As a result, this Mass is, in the rubrics in place up through 1954, normatively celebrated on the Monday following when it is still during the Octave of Epiphany. It is always a festal Mass pertaining to the Octave, in white, with Gloria, Credo, Preface & Communicantes of Epiphany. In the 1962 Missal, since the Missal does not retain the Octave of the Epiphany, this Mass is said on all Ferial Days occurring the first full week after Epiphany, whether before or after January 13. If before, it is celebrated in white with Gloria, but no Credo or proper Communicantes; if after, it celebrated as a green Per Annum Ferial Mass without Gloria. Thanks to Restore the 54 for this information.

"The Apostle invites us to make our offering to the newborn King, after the example of the Magi; but the offering which this Lord of all things asks of us is not anything material or lifeless. He that is Life gives his whole self to us; let us, in return, present him our hearts, that is, a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing unto God; whose service may be reasonable, that is, whose obedience to the divine will may be accompanied by a formal intention of offering itself to its Creator. Here again, let us imitate the Magi, who went back another way into their own country — let us not adopt the ideas of this world, for the world is the covert enemy of our beloved King. Let us reform our worldly prudence according to the divine wisdom of Him, who may well be our guide, seeing he is the Eternal Wisdom of the Father. Let us understand, that no man can be wise without Faith, which reveals to us that we must all be united by love, so as to form one body in Christ, partaking of his life, his wisdom, his light, and his kingly character."

Vestments: White

UPON a high throne I saw a Man sitting, whom a multitude of Angels adore singing together: Behold Him the name of whose empire is for ever. Ps. 99. 1. O sing joyfully to the Lord, all the earth: serve ye the Lord with gladness. ℣. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. ℟. Amen. — Upon a high throne …

COLLECT - WE BESEECH Thee, O Lord, of Thy heavenly goodness hear the prayers of Thy suppliant people: that they may both perceive what things they ought to do, and have the strength to do them. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son …

Commemoration of the Epiphany - O God, Whose only begotten Son, hat appeared in the substance of our flesh, grant, we beseech Thee, that we may be inwardly made in a new form by Him Whose form we have known to be outwardly like ours. Who with thee liveth and reigneth...

Romans 12: 1-5
BRETHREN: I beseech you, by the mercy of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing unto God, your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world, but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God. For I say, by the grace that is given me, to all that are among you, not to be more wise than it behoveth to be wise, but to be wise unto sobriety and according as God hath divided to every one the measure of faith. For as in one body we have many members, but all the members have not the same office; so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another; in Christ Jesus our Lord.

BLESSED be the Lord, the God of Israel, who alone doth wonderful things from the beginning. Let the mountains receive peace for Thy people and the hills justice. 

Alleluia, alleluia. (Ps. 99.1.) Sing joyfully to God, all the earth: serve ye the Lord with gladness. Alleluia.

Luke 2: 42-52

WHEN JESUS was twelve years old, they going up into Jerusalem, according to the custom of the feast, and having fulfilled the days, when they returned, the Child Jesus remained in Jerusalem, and His parents knew it not. And thinking that He was in the company, they came a day’s journey, and sought Him among their kinsfolk and acquaintances. And not finding Him, they returned into Jerusalem, seeking Him. And it came to pass that after three days they found Him in the Temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, hearing them and asking them questions. And all that heard Him were astonished at His wisdom and His answers. And seeing Him they wondered. And His Mother said to Him: Son, why hast Thou done so to us? Behold Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing. And He said to them: How is it that you sought Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business? And they understood not the word that He spoke unto them. And He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them. And His Mother kept all these words in her heart. And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age, and grace with God and men.

Psalm 99:1-2
SING JOYFULLY to God, all the earth, serve ye the Lord with gladness: come in before His presence with exceeding great joy: for the Lord He is God.

SECRET - O LORD, may the Sacrifice we offer up to Thee, ever quicken and protect us. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son …

PREFACE (Preface of the Epiphany) - IT is truly meet and just, right and for our salvation, that we should at all times and in all places give thanks to Thee, holy Lord, Father almighty, eternal God: for when Thine only begotten Son was manifested in the substance of our mortal flesh, with the new light of His own immortality He restored us. And therefore with Angels and Archangels, with Thrones and Dominations, and with all the hosts of the heavenly army we sing a hymn to Thy glory, evermore saying: 

Luke 2:48-49
SON, why hast Thou done so to us? Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing. How is it that you sought me? did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?

POST COMMUNION - O ALMIGHTY God, we humbly beseech Thee, that Thou wouldst grant to those whom Thou dost refresh with Thy Sacraments that they may serve Thee worthily by a manner of life pleasing to Thee. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son …

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