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Monday, February 26, 2007
Stational Church: Monday in the First Week of Lent

Today's Stational Church is at the Church of St. Peter in Chains. For information on this devotion, see Catholic Culture. I will post on each Stational Church for Lent.

Information is from the Canon Regulars of St. John Cantius:

From the heart of the Roman Forum, the penitential procession climbed up the road winding up towards the Esquiline Hill and came to the church of St. Peter in Chains, also called the "Eudossian Basilica" (as it had been built in the place of another church by Eurdossia, wife of the emperor Valentinian III, to preserve in it the chains of St. Peter).

The Station of this day is at St. Peter in Chains and the Church takes us today to the divinely appointed watchman of "the lambs and sheep of Christ"—St. Peter.
The Chains, which held the shepherd of the lambs and sheep consist of forty-four links. Forty-four days separate us from Holy Thursday, the beginning of the Paschal solemnities when our "Lenten" work must be an accomplished fact.

How many links has that chain from which Christ, our good Shepherd, desires to free us in this acceptable time? We are fully aware that during this season of salvation this chain must be broken and the links thrown out—the big ones in particular. Which are your principal faults? Are you working against them?

Let us pray: Convert us, O God our salvation, that the Lenten fast may be of profit to us. Instruct our minds with heavenly discipline. Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.


del_button February 26, 2007 at 5:04 PM
RobK said...

What a beautiful image!

del_button February 26, 2007 at 7:18 PM
Moneybags said...

I also really enjoyed it!

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