Monday, March 20, 2006
Pro-life Action: Contact

Sadly, has bowed down to the pro-death society around us.

Seattle, WA ( -- has modified its book search results after receiving complaints from abortion advocates who thought they were tilted in favor of the pro-life view. A pro-abortion religious group objected to Amazon asking customers if they wanted books on adoption when putting in the term "abortion" as a search phrase.

Amazon made the change a few days ago. Before that, a question asking customers, "Did you mean adoption?" appeared at the top of search results for books on abortion.

That upset Reverend James Lewis, a retired Episcopalian minister in West Virginia and a member of the board of the pro-abortion Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Source: Life News

What could be more deceitful that a minister advocating abortion! It's sad that in our society Christ's Church has been split up and there are some so-called leaders like James Lewis. I ask you to please contact and express your regret with their decision.

Here is a letter that I wrote:

I wanted to express my utter discontent with your recent decision for searching with the word "abortion". Beforehand, you would respond with "Did you mean adoption," but now you have removed this. Why? It is extremely important that people realize that adoption is an option for pregnant women. I am offended that your organization would bow down to the pro-abortion industry and remove this automated response. I actually have been planning on joining and purchasing through Amazon, but now I know that I'll have to choose EBay over your company because of this. I ask you to please add "Did you mean adoption?" again to your searches.

Thank you

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del_button March 20, 2006 at 9:56 PM
O! said...

Good for you...

it's shocking to hear a man who decided to devote himself to God is so off track

del_button March 21, 2006 at 8:31 PM
Anonymous said...

This is really sad, I'll write to them as well as pray.

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