Sunday, November 5, 2006
Bad Websites: Catholics should avoid these

I have been meaning to create this post for quite some time. I wanted to put together a list of websites that claim to be "Catholic" but should never be supported by Catholics. I am using Catholic Culture's website reviews for some of the information. Please realize that these websites are generally opposed to the truth of the Faith. If you have a link to one of these websites on your blog/website, I strongly ask you to remove it in an effort for us all to promote the complete truth not a "watering down" of the Catholic Faith.

All links below are to the Catholic Culture review of the website; you may have to register (I believe it's free) to see the review by Catholic Culture. I do not want to post an actual link to the website since that is to be avoided.
  • 8th Day Center For Justice - promotes liberation theology
  • Association for the Rights of Catholics In the Church - errors include saying that promoting women's ordination is not heresy
  • Call to Action - Excommunicated organization seeking to completely undermine Church teaching
  • Catholic Women's Ordination - promotes women's ordination
  • Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) - promotes contraception and abortion
  • Dignity USA - undermines Catholic Church's teachings on homosexuality
  • Future Church - promotes women's ordination
  • Georgetown Center for Liturgy - disobedient with the Vatican on the Liturgy
  • Jubilee 2000 Our Lady of the Roses - promotes a condemned apparition
  • Just for Catholics - created by Joe Mizzi, a fallen away Catholic and former seminarian, to lead Catholics away from the Church
  • Leadership Conference of Women Religious - As Catholic Culture states: "The site is filled with antagonism toward the hierarchy and Church teachings, the emphasis on political activism in a secular humanist context, and feminist rhetoric."
  • Maryknoll:  Their political activism fits in very well with their espousal of liberation theology. While it is logical that Maryknoll would care about the material needs of those in the countries that they serve, they are forgetting what they were founded for. Instead of bringing the Truth of Christ to the world, they are politicizing the poor.
  • National Catholic Reporter - better named the National Catholic Distorter.
  • North American Forum on the Catechumenate - Founded by Rev. James Dunning, a dissenter who does not believe the Eucharist is Jesus. The prayer book has dissenting resources.
  • Pax Christi USA - Catholic Culture states: "They seem to care more about finding common ground with abortionists and the gay rights lobby than about working for true peace."
  • Roses from Heaven - promotes condemned Bayside New York "apparitions"
  • These Last Days Ministries - promotes condemned Bayside New York "apparitions"
  • We are Church - a dissenting group following the "spirit of Vatican II"
  • - This website seems at first to be offering information on a Novena to Saint Jude, but actually tries to sway the reader from saying novenas at all!
  • - Website tries to claim that Saint Louis de Montefort's Total Consecration to Mary is essentially selling your soul to the devil 

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