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Friday, June 1, 2007
Pro-abortion speaker at Spalding University

I encourage readers to send a simple email to the Archdiocese of Louisville and express your concerns.

The Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky has no objection to the appearance of pro-abortion Rep. John Yarmuth as commencement speaker at a local Catholic university. Yarmuth will give the address and receive an honorary doctorate from Spalding University, a nominally Catholic school, despite his position as a board member of Planned Parenthood.

Archdiocesan spokesman Cecelia Price was quoted by the Courier Journal saying that the archdiocese had no difficulty with Yarmuth’s appearance and that it was the “right” of the university to invite him.

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To contact Dr. Jo Ann Rooney President of Spalding University:

Mailing Address: 851 South Fourth Street, Louisville KY 40203
Phone: 502-585-9911 or 800-896-8941
Fax: 502-585-7158

To contact Archbishop Thomas Kelly of Louisville:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1073, Louisville, Ky. 40201-1073
Phone: (502) 585-3291
Fax: (502) 585-2466


del_button June 2, 2007 at 6:19 AM
JP Manzi said...

I, as well, am pro-life. Pro-life in all areas, not just abortion. Yet, many of us, make pro-life about one issue. Should we raise issues concerning a pro-death penalty speaker or a war-supporting speaker?
Why do we glorify one issue and base everything off that, especially in the political realm?

Would you up-in-arms over George Bush speaking? I mean, he says hes anti-abortion yet he has done NOTHING to illegalize it. We judge people base on what they believe on something not whether or not that have done it or would do it?
Actions speak louder then words.

I appreciate your blog and all your doing here. Just wanted to address something troubling my heart.

del_button June 2, 2007 at 8:18 AM
Ma Beck said...

I am also pro-life, from cradle to tomb. End of life issues are important to me. So is the Just War Doctrine. So is capital punishment.
I don't think anyone is "glorifying" abortion. However, FOUR THOUSAND Americans die every single DAY in abortion clinics, just for the crime of having been conceived. Can you imagine if 4000 American civilians were dying every day due to the Iraq War? How about if we were executing 4000 innocent men a day? Sheer numbers alone make abortion the most pressing, heinous issue of our day. Nothing else compares. Nothing else comes close.
I am hardly a GB fan, but to say he has done nothing to reverse Roe is wrong - his nominees to the SCOTUS have been solid, though they were not as solid as he would have liked, but he can't just make Congress accept his nominees.
And I believe that with these people, he has made significant strides to reverse Roe, and I believe in my heart that this will happen in the next 20 years.
Hope that helps - I thought it was important for me to respond to you because a few years ago, I would have written that very same comment - I had those same exact concerns, and believe me, I am still concerned about ALL life issues. But I now realize that we cannot solve ANY of them until we end abortion. NO ONE'S life is of value when a baby's life is of no value.
I know we are on the same side, and I hope this comment reflects that.
God bless.

del_button June 2, 2007 at 8:20 AM
TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Ok American Politics 101:

1. Presidents can't make a law illegal

2. Presidents can't declare war.

3. Presidents can't conjure up hurricanes (like Katrina)

Advice - quit getting your commentary from CNN & the partisan networks and you might start realizing that Bush isn't the antichrist.

Death toll from Iraq: few thousand hostile terrorists

Death toll from abortion: few thousand innocent children YESTERDAY .

Get your priorities straight.

del_button June 2, 2007 at 9:02 AM
JP Manzi said...

ma beck,

Thank you for your gracious response. I can see your point.


First thing, I never associated Bush with the anti-christ. I have not seen CNN do that either. You shouldnt assume that or put words in someone's mouth. I am also well aware of the political process. I know full well that only Congress can declare war, however, Bush seemed to run around that notion, hence, many paleo-conservatives feel this war is illegal by that stand point (see the Constitution Party). I also know that GW can not just snap his fingers and make abortion illegal. Again, he has done nothing to push a bill to congress. Its politcal suicide and he is not willing to do that, I guess for the sake of the RNC. Death is death isn't it? Whether its abortion or an immoral war. Innocents are dying. How many innocent people in Iraq have been killed? Pretty staggering number. So, yes, my priorities are straight in keeping all these issues on the same playing field all up on the forefront. They are all important issues that I wish were addressed, regardless if its a few thousand in a day or a few thousand in a year. Wrong is wrong.

Blessings to you.

del_button June 2, 2007 at 10:32 AM
TheGodFearinFiddler said...

The bit about the antichrist was exaggeration, I dont know how I could have made that more obvious.

As for whether the war is immoral, that is highly debatable.. abortion is not.

del_button June 2, 2007 at 1:23 PM
JP Manzi said...

War immoral? Look at the character of Jesus Christ, what he stood for and how he told us to treat our enemies.

Nuff' said.

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