Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Book Review: The Liturgical Altar by Geoffrey Web

"For very many this book of Mr. Geoffrey Webb’s will be a Godsend.” So penned Fr. Bede Jarrett, OP in the foreword of this invaluable title.

This brief, but comprehensive work presents a supernatural approach to understanding the center of Catholic life, the altar.

Considered by many to be “the bible” on the subject of the altar, this book covers its historical development, form, symbolism, and vesting. It also addresses the appointments of the altar, such as the cross, candles, use of flowers and reliquaries.

Romanitas Press has again reproduced an outstanding and necessary aid for those seeking proper Liturgical worship.  Geoffrey Web's "The Liturgical Altar" is such a treasure that is is almost unfathomable that such a guide was out of print for so long.  This book is needed by all sacristans and should be on the Catholic bookshelves of all Catholics that want a deeper devotion and understanding of the Sacred Altar.  Since it is on the Altar that Heaven and Earth meet as bread and wine truly become the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ, there is no greater earthly object in existence than the altar.  Proper care - even the utmost care - must be given to ensure that the altar is treated, decorated, and cared for as it should.  Even lifelong Catholics will learn from this guide!

The forward has a powerful statement in it as it states, "I think it is important that the reader be made aware why the book's author, Mr. Webb, gives credence in his account of the development of the altar to a historical misconception, that Mass was once celebrated facing the people."  The foreword continues: "This erroneous conception innocently originated from some archaeologists who unaware of certain historical proofs to the contrary and seemingly with substantial proofs, promoted this misconception as fact...More recent research, however, has uncovered several unknown facts and crucial points of context, which have conclusively proven that the notion of "Mass facing the people" in the early centuries of the Church is a historical fallacy."

The Liturgical Altar is indeed an incredible book and much needed today for the restoration of Catholic Tradition.  You may purchase this text from Romanitas Press.

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del_button January 3, 2012 at 9:57 AM
Chris Whittle said...

I own the book, it's an excellent resource for all Catholics to know what an altar should look like.

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