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Sunday, January 8, 2012
What Souls are Closest & Dearest to Jesus?

One day, whilst she was hearing Mass, at the elevation of the Sacred Host, she saw the infant Jesus on the altar, and with him three young virgins. Jesus took the first and caressed her very much. He went to the second, and, having taken her veil off her face, he struck her severely on the cheek, and turned his back upon her; but soon after, seeing the child looking sorrowful, he comforted her with all sorts of kindness. At last he approached the third; he seized her by the arm as if he were angry, struck her, and drove her away from him; but the more she saw herself ill-used and driven off; the more the little virgin humbled herself and followed him: and thus the vision ended.

This devout woman, remained in the church with great desire to know what was the meaning of the vision, Jesus appeared to her again, and told her that there are on earth three sorts of souls that loved him.

Some love him; but their love is so weak that if they are not coaxed by spiritual pleasures they become uneasy, and are in danger of turning their backs upon him; and of these the first virgin was a figure.

The second represented those souls who love him with a less feeble love, but who require to be comforted from time to time.

The third was a figure of those more courageous souls who, although constantly desolate, and deprived of spiritual consolations, do not cease doing all they can to please the Lord; and these he said, were the souls in which he took the greatest delight.”

From the book, "The Incarnation, Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ" by St Alphonsus De Liguori
Published by the Redemptorist Fathers in 1927, pg 164 of the reissued 1983, printing of this book.


del_button January 23, 2012 at 4:44 AM
De Liliis said...

'St. Teresa revealed to one of her nuns, appearing to her after her death, that God loves a soul that, as a spouse, gives itself entirely to him, more than a thousand tepid and imperfect ones. From these generous souls, given entirely to God, is the choir of Seraphim completed.

The Lord himself says that he loves a soul that attends to its perfection, so much that he seems not to love any other. "One is My dove, My perfect one is but one."' [Cant. 6,8.]

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

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