Friday, April 17, 2015
Seminary Chapel of St. Turibius Destroyed by Blase Cupich

While this may be a little dated, the full effect of what will come out of Archbishop Cupich in Chicago has not yet been felt.  Here is what this man did previously.

From the Blog of CathCon:

The seminary chapel of St. Turibius at the Pontifical Josephinum in Ohio, before Archbishop Cupich became Rector-President and after......he obliterated Christ the King, yet the Pope made him Archbishop of Chicago. 
Before and After Cupich. Believe it or not...this is the same building....the seminary chapel of St. Turibius at the Pontifical Josephinum in Ohio. The photo on the left is what the chapel used to look like BEFORE Cupich became the president-rector of the seminary. The photo on the right is Cupich's horrible wreckovation that destroyed the same chapel. The beautiful mural was painted over, under Cupich's orders, detailed the steps of becoming an ordained priest. 

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del_button April 18, 2015 at 2:39 AM
Anonymous said...

If you are in Louisville,Ky area, St.John the Baptist Catholic Church
452 N.26th St Louisville,KY has pre-Vatican 2 Mass Sunday 10am,Sat 8:30am, Mon-Fri 7:30am.Confessions before every mass and 15 decade rosary 8:30am on Sunday.Our priest received holy orders in the pre-Vatican 2 rite from Bishop Slupski.(who has valid pre-Vatican 2 holy orders) Tell your friends/family about us hope to see you all soon.Viva Christo Rey!!

del_button May 21, 2015 at 3:39 PM
eevenye said...

I've yet been able to substantiate the timeline on this. True, the chapel wreckovation is dated 1989. And Cupich's term as President/Rector began that year, presumably in June or July.

How one manages to plan, fundraise, and execute this extent of a change, while having the duties of rector, is a mystery to me. It seems more likely that this was a fait accompli by the time then Father Cupich took over.

del_button May 21, 2015 at 9:52 PM
Boniface said...

Post Vatican II orders are bald also. Duh.

del_button February 3, 2017 at 2:42 AM
Unknown said...

Cupich did not renovate the chapel. It was finished before he arrived. I was a student there from 1985-1989 and ordained priest in 1989. It was finished in 1989. The new granite altar was mounted on what appeared to be pitcher's mound. The photo does to show that altar. Also there was a hanging tabernacle installed which was a patchwork of enamel gobbly gook. We mentioned this was contrary to canon law to no avail. The "expert" behind the renovation was Joseph Fete who served as liturgical director and taught liturgy as well. He also insisted a hot and cold running water baptismal font also be installed at the back of the Chapel so we could practice the baptism ceremony.

He also wreck the cathedral at the same time. Sadly, Fete is no longer a priest as he was dismissed from the clerical state due to "indiscretions" from previous years. The tabernacle was a patchwork of colors--very ugly but no doubt cost a fortune. The rector at the time, installed a baseball mound for the new altar. It looked like a mammory gland and was referred to as such only we used a less polite term at the time. He was as incompetent as Fete. Of course, the sanctuary wall of the seven minor/major orders was covered over. All the side altars were also removed at that time. Those were horrendous years.

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