Monday, September 12, 2005
After Cologne 2005

I received an email a few days back on a new blog, After Cologne 2005, and I wanted to share part of the email.

What is it?
This project aims to study the spiritual impact of the WYD on the lives of the young people who attended the World Youth Day in Cologne, 2005, through an Internet portal.

This project started out as a voluntary project to get to know more people who came to Cologne for the World Youth Day 2005 through the help of an Internet portal that connects pilgrims and volunteers and everyone else who was involved in the WYD'05. This is my personal reasons:

1. I find that my own experience as a volunteer is quite different from most pilgrims, and I personally would like to learn from other pilgrims what they have experienced in WYD'05.
2. There was a huge mass of attendance in Köln (and Düsseldorf and Bonn), and it was not always possible for pilgrims (and volunteers), especially from different pilgrimage groups, to exchange contact information during the short while in Cologne.
3. There is a potential for establishing new friendships and communities based on shared experience in WYD'05 and common desire to extend the extraordinary experience onto our own homes and families and communities.

Specific Objectives of this Project
Bearing in mind that the medium of choice here is an Internet portal, the specific objectives of this project are as follow:
1. To help young people to get to know each other better: friends they have just met during the WYD'05, fellow pilgrims with whom they have come together to WYD'05, and new friends they may or may not have encountered personally.
2. To facilitate the sharing of experience, exchange of ideas that contribute to the development of Christian communities both in their own cities/countries and those that span over distance.
3. (A little bit too far--depends on resources and abilities) To measure the long-term spiritual impact of the WYD'05, whether in terms of what contribution it had to the youth ministry, or to the individual participant's involvement in the Church. I'd like to ask questions like: does WYD mark a turning point in many young people's lives? More regular attendance at Mass? Encourages vocations or joining of ministry? Grown in faith, etc? I can't think of more relevant questions, perhaps you can help?

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