Friday, September 16, 2005
My thoughts on Cafeteria Catholics

The other day I participated in a discussion on why Rwanda's population is predicted to triple in the future, and they brought up their "facts" that contraception would really help. Needless to say since I was there, a discussion on the Catholic Church and contraception came with some Catholics not knowing that all artificial contraception is not allowed and some that didn't think it was relevant (Cafeteria Catholics) Why can the Pope tell us what to do?

I'll tell you the answer: the Pope is God's chosen representative on earth who takes the place of St. Peter and guides the Body of Christ (us) through the challenges in morality and faith. Nothing said on contraception though is new; it all goes back to the Gospels and placing God first. We all must have a relationship in prayer with Him and that is the ONLY way to know Him.

God gave us His Church to lead us closer to Him and any disregard for the Church as an institution can only show a disregard to Christ.

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del_button September 17, 2005 at 8:58 AM
Audrey Yu said...

Oh yes, I also found that a lot of Catholics do not know that contraceptive is not allowed in catholic church... or, maybe they knew it but they ignore it?

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