Sunday, February 19, 2006
Governor Blagojevich Funds Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Governor Blagojevich of Illinois just announced in his 2006 budget proposal to take $100 million in funds from tobacco lawsuit settlement funds to fund embryonic stem cell research. This money deserves to be spent to on finding cures for diseases like lung cancer and not wasted on immoral research.

He calls for spending $15 million next year and increasing it by $2.5 million annually for each of the next five years. Last year he diverted $10 million to embryonic stem cell research and $4-6 million of those have already been spent. And what has embryonic stem cell research amounted to? Nothing other than the destruction of human embryos. This research is a waste of taxpayer's dollars and completely immoral.

For more information on this, visit Life News. I strongly recommend you contact the Governor and voice your disapproval.

At the same time please voice your disapproval on his contraception mandate.

In April 2005, Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois instituted a mandate requiring all pharmacists to distribute the morning after pill and other emergency contraceptives. Before this, pharmacists with conscience objections could refer the client to another near-by pharmacy. Not only do contraceptives fail, cause serious health side effects, and induce abortions, but now the Governor is forcing all pharmacists to distribute them. There is now no exception for pharmacists who know it's wrong!

One pharmacist was John Menges, an Illinois pharmacist, fired for refusing to sell the morning after pill. He stood up for the firm belief of our faith - artificial contraception and abortion are morally wrong. John Menges said, "Life begins at conception, and anything done to interfere with that is wrong." And for that he was fired from his $100,000 job and forced onto unemployment. How sad...
"Now, I understand that several bills have been introduced that would overturn my executive order," he said in his State of the State address last week. "So let me make something else very clear -- if any of those bills reach my desk, they are dead on arrival." Source: Life News
Those bills in question that would overturn his mandate did not get scheduled for a vote and therefore are gone. It is morally wrong for him to refuse conscience rights to pharmacists, the same rights given to doctors who refuse to perform abortions.

Please speak out against this. Even if you are not from Illinois, please just write Governor Blagojevich and tell him you are displeased with his mandate. Let him know that pharmacists are entitled to conscience rights. Please spread this message on so that others can contact him.

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