Sunday, February 5, 2006
To those Non-Catholic Visitors

With several non-Catholic comments, I wanted to create a welcoming post to those non-Catholics visiting and commenting on this blog. I know how different our faiths are. I know that we don't agree with many different aspects of the truth. But, we are nonetheless united in baptism and the hope of our Savior Crucified. We may be different, but let us work to love, love, and love. Through the example of the saints, may love be the foundation for all of our lives. For love makes the world go around. Our Lord Himself gives us the Cross - an instrument of torture turned into the greatest example of love. To harbor hatred and resentment for each other is to be a slave of the devil. Let us respectful debate and discuss but not hate.

For those new comments. Would you please take this poll and leave the answers in the comment box. I just wanted to know a little more about you.

1) What denomination/religion are you?
2) Were you ever Catholic or did you ever attend a Catholic Mass?
3) Please describe your faith and beliefs
4) Are you pro-life?
5) Has this blog helped you understand more about Catholicism?

Thank you and God Bless.

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del_button February 5, 2006 at 9:49 PM
Unknown said...

I've just discovered your website, because I searched for feast days on Blog search.
1) I grew up Baptist and currently go to a Baptist church, but no longer afiliate myself with the denomination officially.
2) Never been. I once shared an art studio with some nice catholics for about a year and they profoundly affected my art work.
3)See my blog. My ramblings will not be consise enough for this comment.
4) I don't discuss religion or politics at the dinner table.
5)yes. I have been searching for a Christian faith that is more interested in the litergy since the church of my upbringing was about as non-litergical as you can get. I've toyed with the idea of becoming Catholic, but I think my Baptist upbringing makes me skitish of joining anything too "organized". I have many great catholic friends with whom I have more in common than I differences, but there are still a few doctrinal differences that keep me from taking the plunge and becoming Catholic. I do grow weary of the anti-catholic sentiments amongst some Protestants and try to stick up for you guys any time I get a chance.

del_button February 5, 2006 at 11:21 PM
Juparis said...

Ah, thank you moneybags for posting this! I've had some areas of Catholicism I have been curious about, but unable to comment on since they would be soo far off topic! Your daily prayers are inspiring, even to the non-Catholics, who may not agree with their content.

As for me...
1) What denomination are you?
Currently a Christian > Lutheran > Protestant, though I have been very doubtful in my beliefs lately..

2) Were you ever Catholic or did you ever attend a Catholic Mass?
My family has had a long history in the Catholic Church, but only until my parents' generation. I have never been Catholic, nor have I attended a full mass, but I have engaged in conversation with those that have, and have visited a few churches, outside of services.
3) Please describe your faith and beliefs
According to my denomination: I believe in a triune God and a single mediator between that God and man: Jesus Christ. I believe that we can all be saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ. However, as I stated previously, I have been wary in my beliefs lately..
4) Are you pro-life?
Indeed I am! Though, I don't think I should argue why at this point..
5) Has this blog helped you understand more about Catholicism?
Yes it has! Though initially spurred on by friends to challenge and torment, I have found a much deeper subject that I intended to get into. I appreciate you continual updates as well; they are all very informative.

del_button February 6, 2006 at 1:27 AM
Magicfingers said...

I am new to your blog, so I am not one of the commenters you are referring to. I will however answer your questions.
1. I have attended mostly Baptist my whole life.
2. No
3. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and believe He has died for our sins. He will come again and take his people to live and worship with him forever.
4. yes
From my first visit, I believe I will have some interesting reading and conversations here. My intent is not to understand more about Catholics, it is just to get a closer look I guess you could say. I have Catholic friends and understand a little of the religion. But what I have noticed is there are Catholics who practice a religion that they themselves can't explain. They are performing rituals (for lack of a better word) that they don't understand the meaning of and don't ask why. They just know it is the way it has been done for a long time and they continue the same.

del_button February 6, 2006 at 9:36 AM
Matthew said...

Thank you for all of your posts. I hope that we can develop a friendship centered on the only Truth - Our Savior Risen from the Dead.

Please let me know if you have any questions with Catholicism. I am here to serve the Lord.

del_button February 6, 2006 at 4:53 PM
adam said...

1)WELS Lutheran
2)Yes, I have attended. My father's side of the family is Catholic. He is no longer Catholic but Lutheran by profession of faith.
3)That's way to much to write here. In short: I believe everything that the Bible says and that's all. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing changed from the Word's of God.
4)Yes, at the moment of conception that baby has life and a soul.
5)Yes it has, it's been informative to me, so that I may better understand the Catholic faith and be a better witness.

del_button February 6, 2006 at 5:11 PM
Unknown said...

just to clarify: I never commented on you rsite before today, so i was not among the "anonymous bloggers" who commented.

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