Friday, May 11, 2012
Help the SSPX US District Stop the Spread of False Information

As I’m sure you’ve seen, there is a lot of news coming out in both national and Catholic media outlets about discussions between Rome and the Society. Too often these blog posts and news reports take the form of sensationalism, gossip, rumor-mongering, etc. and seem to have as an aim to put undue pressure on those charged with leading the Society.

I understand that many may come to different conclusions, but I don’t think anyone would argue that we can use different facts to come to those conclusions. For this reason, I’m encouraging you to join the Society’s email list. Regardless of what side of the fence people fall on, the current news and information on events between Rome and the Society is certainly historic. For that reason, the email list will deliver official Society information and commentary as it becomes available on any breaking news, new articles, events, etc.


del_button May 13, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Michael said...

As an activist in the traditional Catholic movement for over 35 years, I have to wonder, with all due respect, why you would run ads for the Novus Ordo publications, the National Catholic Register and the Ignatius Press, which are totally beholden to that Modernist "church" that emerged from Vatican II. (I posted, imprudently, on the NCR website a few weeks ago, using my full name, and had it almost immediately removed by the webmaster who then left on his site an inflammatory post against my post by someone using only a first name. I will make no more posts using my full name on any site in the future unless I am sure I have a level playing field, which the NCR does not provide.)Also there is a huge contradiction in your attending "traditional" chapels attached to Medernist Rome and your attending SSPX chapels. I would hope that you will find your way by placing your talents in the interest of the true Catholic Church, which exists completely outside the official structures of Modernist Rome and outside those "traditional" groups that recognize today's Rome as legitimate.

del_button May 16, 2012 at 8:17 AM
Matthew said...

If people would donate more I could remove ads to Ignatius or the NCR but as it stands, my donations are not larger enough to make up for the needed revenue from those sources.

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