Sunday, July 1, 2012
Salvete Christi Vulnera

In honor of the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, I present the following Little Chapter and Hymn from today's Office of Lauds.  The Hymn is the beautiful hymn "Salvete Christi Vulnera." It is important to note that on years like 2012 when the Feast of the Most Precious Blood falls on a Sunday, the Feast of the Precious Blood supersedes the Propers for the Sunday.

This feast was instituted in 1849 by Pope Pius IX and was raised to the rank of a double of the first class by Pius XI on the occasion of the nineteenth centenary of our Savior's death.

We are reminded of the scene of Calvary and of the blow from the lance which pierced our Savior's side. The liturgy today is at pains to emphasize the meaning and tremendous significance of this fact in relation with our salvation. The Gospel and the Epistle are concerned with our Redemption, effected by the Blood and the love of our Savior.

Capitulum           Hebr. 9. 11-12.
Fratres : Christus assístens Póntifex futurórum bonórum, per ámplius et perféctius tabernáculum non manufáctum, id est, non hujus creatiónis : neque per sánguinem hircórum aut vitulórum, sed per próprium sánguinem introívit semel in Sancta, ætérna redemptióne invénta.
R.  Deo grátias.
The Little Chapter        Hebr. 9. 11-12.
Brethren : Christ being come an High Priest of good things to come, by the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, (that is to say, not of this building; nor yet by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own Blood,) he entered in once for all into the Holy Place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.
 Thanks be to God.
HymnusSalvéte, Christi vúlnera,
Imménsi amóris pígnora
Quibus perénnes rívuli
Manant rubéntis sánguinis.
Nitóre stellas víncitis
Rosas odóre et bálsama,
Prétio lapíllos Indicos,
Mellis favos dulcédine.
Per vos patet gratíssimum
Nostris asylum méntibus;
Non huc furor minántium
Umquam penétrat hóstium.
Quot Jesus in prætório
Flagélla nudus éxcipit!
Quot scissa pellis úndique
Stillat cruóris gúttulas!
Frontem venústam, proh dolor!
Coróna pungit spínea,
Clavi retúsa cúspide
Pedes manúsque pérforant.
Postquam sed ille trádidit
Amans volénsque spíritum,
Pectus ferítur láncea,
Geminúsque liquor éxsilit.
Ut plena sit redémptio,
Sub torculári stríngitur;
Suíque Jesus ímmemor,
Sibi nil resérvat sánguinis.
Veníte quotquot críminum
Funésta labes ínficit;
In hoc salútis bálneo
Qui se lavat, mundábitur.
Sequens Conclusio numquam mutátur.
Summi ad Paréntis déxteram
Sedénti habénda est grátia,
Qui nos redémit sánguine,
Sanctóque firmat Spíritu.  Amen.
The Hymn Hail, holy wounds of Jesus, hail,
Sweet pledges of the saving Rood,
Whence flow the streams that never fail,
The purple streams of his dear Blood!
Brighter than brightest stars ye shew;
Than sweetest rose your scent more rare;
No Indian gem may match your glow;
Nor honey's taste with yours compare.
Portals ye are to that dear home
Wherein our wearied souls may hide,
Whereto no angry foe can come,
The Heart of Jesus crucified.
What countless stripes our Jesus bore,
All naked left in Pilate's hall!
From his torn flesh how red a shower
Did round his sacred person fall!
O shame and woe! his comely head
Was riven by a thorny crown;
Upon the Cross, by woundings dread,
His hands and feet were nailed down.
But when for our poor sakes he died,
A willing Priest by love subdued,
And that sharp lance transfixed his side,
Forth flowed the Water and the Blood.
In full atonement of our guilt,
Careless of self, the Saviour trod,
E'en till his Heart's best Blood was spilt,
The wine-press of the wrath of God.
Come, bathe you in the healing flood,
All ye who mourn, by sin oppressed;
Your only hope is Jesus' Blood,
His sacred Heart your only rest.
This Ending is never changed.
All praise to him, Eternal Son,
At God's right hand enthroned above,
Whose Blood our full redemption won,
Whose Spirit seals the gift of love.  Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Wear can one find the gregorian hymn to this chant. Most important it is to learn these words and chant them ....
God bless

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