Saturday, July 14, 2012
SSPX General Chapter Concludes

The General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X ended this Saturday, July 14, 2012, in Econe (Switzerland). Gathered near Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s tomb, the capitularies have given thanks to God for the profound unity that prevailed among them during all these workdays.
The General Chapter will soon make a common statement to Rome, which will then be made public.
The General Superior, Bishop Fellay, thanks deeply all the priests and faithfuls for their fervent prayers during this chapter.
Ecône, July 14, 2012
Update: Some websites are saying that the decision at the General Chapter was not to return to a regularized state with the Vatican and continue on in their state of supplied jurisdiction.  If this is in true, I can't blame the Society at all.  The recent appointment last week of a known heretic to the position as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith only underscores that the Vatican is not open to Traditional Doctrine.  And it is doctrine - not fancy vestments or nostalgia that is guiding the SSPX.  Doctrine is what saves souls.

Update (2): See their official statement and response to Rome regarding the ongoing Doctrinal Discussions.

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del_button July 16, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Colm said...

I share your sentiments. We must all continue to pray for the Bishop Fellay and especially for the Holy Father.

del_button July 21, 2012 at 4:11 PM
itzik janowitz said...

Hi, I live in Massapequa, New York, which is on Long Island. I belong to the Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in Massapequa Park. We had until 2008, a very conservative parish, led by a true Pastor, Robert Mason, who led us in conservative truth, and until he was forced to retire after 33 years of service.He would celebrate the Latin Mass every Sunday. The new pastor Msgr James Listante, of Tv and Radio fame, and a writer of many books, is not what I would call a true Pastor. His doctrine is more of a Protestant, than a Catholic. Most of the conservatives in our parish have left. Some go to mass at St. Michaels, which has the Latin mass on Sunday, other have found places that have the Latin mass. Fr Mason had a serious heart operation, to the point that he needed around 15 pints of blood. The new pastor had moved the Latin mass to the 1:30 pm time slot, instead of the rotating of the Latin Mass. Since Fr Mason is recovering the Latin mass has been "Suspended".
Our request for the Latin mass has fallen on deaf ears, and no replies, either by the Bishop or the Pastor, or Rome. I am a firm supporter of SSPX, and would rather see them take over the reins of the Catholic faithful. That is just wishful thinking on my part. I run 5 blogs on my own, and another 3, that I entered the question of "is it right for the new Pastor to attack his parish",plus 2 others. There is so much more that has happened to us, and it is refreshing to read your blogspot. I almost feel that we are in the "Endtimes" of Revelations, as we are beset with Heretics, and Apostasy, in virtually every parish. With Homosexual Bishops, and Pastors, and probably Cardinals included. I have been maligned, slandered, ridiculed, and feel that it is a blessing for me, as those that are doing this I consider False Catholics.
During the past 4 months I have received 4 new posters who have lifted me up, and who have suffered the attacks by this one individual, the same as I have been receiving from him. One of the new posters claims that the False Catholic that attacks us, is a EU minister in our parish, and a Leader of the EU minister.
Your readers should be aware, and alerted, that no matter how conservative your parishes are, you will be subjected to attacks from the Bishops, and the Pastors, that refuse to follow the traditions we have had up to 1962, and the Mis-interpretation of our Catholic Faith. As the saying goes, "one rotten apple, will spoil the whole lot". Be forewarned, and be prepared to defend the traditions that we have loved and lived under for 2000+ years. The minor concessions you make today, become the Apostasy of tomorrow, and like a cancer will spread, and destroy from within. GOD bless you all.
Dominus Vobiscum

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