Thursday, November 22, 2012
How to Create a Catholic Blog PDF eBook

UPDATED EDITION: A newly revised version with more information on social media has been published in 2019. The current version is 45 pages long.

Ebook Content:
  • Part I: What Makes A Blog A Catholic Blog?
  • Part II: Starting the Blog
  • Part III: Maintaining the Blog
  • Part IV: Feeds: What are they and do they matter anymore
  • Part V: Statistics & Analytics
  • Part VI: Building a Catholic Brand
  • Part VII: Monetize Your Blog in an Ethical Way
  • Catholic Blog Help – Printable Resource List

Reviewer Testimonials:

“Love it or hate it, the internet is a powerful tool which, in the rights hands, can be employed for the glory of God. I cannot but help think that having just launched myself into the blogosphere, the fact that a copy of ‘How to Create a Catholic Blog’ landed in my inbox was nothing but providential. This is a clearly written and highly informative ‘beginner’s guide’ to everything one needs to know, not just about creating a blog but how to make a successful and engaging blog. Matthew provides a wealth of information on maintaining it, marketing it, and even on how to make money on it. In 50 pages, he takes us by the hand and leads us through the desperately daunting digital world of the blog, makes sense of it and turns us into experts. The author patiently explains the meaning of such mysterious terms as RSS and Atom, which it seems, are not names of space shuttles, but two different types of web feeds. Matthew is both extremely knowledgeable and generous in the information which he has shared with us. This, I think, will be an invaluable source to anyone who has aspirations to join the fast growing network of Catholic bloggers.”

Dr. Bella D’Abrera, Catholic Author and Historian

“Matthew walks us through very practical tips to successful blogging and creating a blog "from the ground up". The content is shared in a won't-make-you-fall-asleep format and with plenty of personality. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the book is the fact I know Matthew to be an avid blogger with multiple sites to his credit. Therefore, the tips that he shares all come from personal experiences and not from third party research. This ebook was a great help to me in helping me understand what it takes to create a successful blog and all of the behind the scenes work involved in blogging. I love that it is geared for the Catholic Blogger, so he gives you all of the tools and tips for blogging in general as well as creating a Catholic atmosphere to your blog. If you are thinking about blogging or have a blog that might need tweaking, this is the book for you!”

Erika Drain, President - Catholic Bloggers Network 

“From the first page Matthew informs and encourages potential bloggers…I highly recommend this book for evangelizing, and even as a possible mechanism for adding a bit of income where it might be needed. ‘Creating a Catholic Blog’ will be an interesting and effective book for anyone who wishes to blog or wants to improve their blogging skills.”

John Bowden, Administrator – St. Blog’s Directory

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del_button November 23, 2012 at 1:12 PM
Matthew M said...

Hi. Just found your site & blog. What happened to THE SOCIETY OF SAINT CATHERINE OF SIENA? Did they disolve? No link in side bar that I found and nothing on the web either. Your post from 2008 is all I can find. Thanks for any help.

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